SEM (Search Engine Marketing): What Is It?


SEM is a lot more than just installing keywords into an article.

It is the process by which a website gains traffic through its online visibility. The higher your visibility the more traffic you are likely to receive.

SEM is like a catchall phrase that includes everything you do to get your website noticed online. Two of the most important aspects of SEM marketing are gaining traffic from free advertising mediums.  The other of course is paying for traffic.

The number of web sites increased very rapidly in the world in the 90′s this is when search engines were developed to help browsers find what they were looking for. Of course each search engine has a business model that helps them to stay in business. They make money by doing this.  If they didn’t they would not be around.

Advertisers pay search engines to be on the search pages. This is also an option for you and your business. Paid marketing does generate results. But pay per click can get expensive if the results are not immediately forthcoming.

search engine marketing

If you are a stay-at-home mom or just starting a new internet business you have to understand what SEM is and how to make it work for you. This is crucial to making your business a successful one. And if you are a freelance writer understanding the principles involved in SEM will help you to create more marketable articles.

SEM is the type of Internet marketing that requires you to pay for placement of your ads.

This can get your ads put on search engine pages with a lot of exposure. This is a lot different from SEO, simply because it uses the power of the almighty dollar to procure results. SEO on the other hand takes time to see results.

Even though you invest SEM it is still not a guarantee that you will have an increase in traffic. Like SEO it is still a risk. That is why most folks employ both methods in order to achieve maximum results. This is what Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and the Microsoft Ad center are all about. These are mediums to use for placing your ads on search engine pages.

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The most common form of SEM is the pay-per-click ads. Each ad has a link that when clicked leads the individual directly to your website. You pay each time someone clicks through. This is great if the clicks lead to more sales. The keyword you choose to place your ad under will determine how much you pay. Some ad plans allow you to prepay a certain number of clicks; when the funds are depleted the ad gets pulled. This is best for those on a tight budget.

Using SEM and SEO will ensure that you get the maximum exposure for your website. It is important to keep these principle means of Internet marketing in mind if you plan on doing business on the World Wide Web. Learn as much as you can about this and all types of internet marketing and good luck with your advertising campaign.

What is your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy?

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