Maximize Your Potential and Lead The Field

maxmize your potential

When you lead the field, you’ll make more money !!

You are only limited by the scope of your vision. The broader your view, the wider your prospects will be. One of the great gurus of the self improvement marketplace, Earl Nightingale, maintains that that it is our own personal attitude that actually shapes your life. Whether you succeed or fail, the roots of the result come from within you.

Self improvement is all about self belief; you first have to know and fully believe that you can do whatever it is you set your mind to. Having unshakeable self belief gives you the power to move mountains, and move them you will. It’s all about being proactive. Don’t sit around waiting for things to happen to you, make them happen yourself.

Both Business Life and Personal Life, Is All About People

It’s the people around us that we interact with and that interact with us that shape opportunities. Earl Nightingale advocates a “do unto others” philosophy that stands one in good stead. Instead of waiting for people to react with you, you should instigate first contact. Any relationship has a starting point, so let that starting point be your opening gambit and you will be putting yourself in the best position to begin shaping things from the very outset.

You Can Only Show the Path
The self belief that you, and what you believe in and stand for are good for all those around you, is key. By bathing others in the light of your personality and drive, you are bringing opportunity into their lives; the rest is up to them.

Earl Nightingale believes that there is no such thing as luck. He preaches that you make your own so called “luck” and that it is no more than being fully prepared to accept whatever you comes your way. By being prepared you are in the best position to take full advantage of any situation, and there are always advantages to be had in anything, but first you have to recognize them.

It’s All About Attitude

A great thought that Earl shares is that people don’t have positive attitudes because they are successful in whatever they do, it’s the other way round, People are successful because of the fact that they have the positive “can do” attitude in the first place.

attitude is everything quote

Goal Setting Is So Important In Life

Setting achievable goals is paramount. If you can’t ever get there, you don’t want to be left striving for the unattainable. It’s sheer folly. But by the same token neither do you want things to just fall into your lap without any effort. The things most worthy are those that you have had to work hard for.

set your destination

But once you’ve set your goal, Earl’s book, “Lead the Field” explains that mustn’t see your goal as your destination; it’s merely a part of your journey; a personal journey along the road to a successful and fruitful life.

True Personal Happiness Is In Serving Others

By making others happy; by bringing good things into other people’s lives, you also enrich your own life. Earl Nightingale believes: “as you sow, so shall you reap”. If you are laying the seeds for a bountiful crop to benefit others, you too can enjoy those benefits, and when others do the same all of our lives are enriched.

helping others

One thing to bear in mind is that success doesn’t just happen without effort. It’s the culmination of a planned lifestyle and strategy; a strategy that you must constantly remind yourself about each and every day when you first get out bed.

The potential to lead the field in whatever you do is already inside you. You just have to recognize it, believe it, and make it happen.

Are you ready to do what it takes to lead the field?

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