Do’s and Don’ts in Twitter Marketing

Dos and donts in twitter marketing

With the advent of social networking websites today, we, entrepreneurs, find more ways to reach out to current and potential clients. Other entrepreneurs have already taken advantage of twitter. Why don’t you do the same?

People make mistakes especially in undertaking new endeavors so it is possible that you might commit mishaps in this new age way. Don’t worry. This article lays out a set of do’s and don’ts to help you steer clear from these irreversible mistakes. In addition, your campaign will be more effective if you follow each one of them.

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Twitter Marketing DO’s:

1 Communicate with customers in a relatable way

Introduce your business in a way that your customers can understand you. Talk to them in an engaging manner so that they become interested in your business.

2 Post a link to your website

This will give your site a chance to get more followers and reach more people so that you can expand your target audience.

3 Build relationships first

Many others immediately promote their business as soon as they register on Twitter. However, this is not a good method. It is best if you first build relationships with people. This will increase your popularity and later bring more traffic to your site.

4 Gain your follower’s trust

You can do this by being active on twitter. Be interactive. Join in conversations and answer your customers’ queries. Offer help if any of your customers need help. You can even extend your help to other people aside from your clients to impress the rest of the twitter community.

5 Announce events

Make people feel involved and important. Announce company events, sales, or any other happenings.

6 Promote

If you write a blog about your company’s events (or anything related to your company), post a link of this to your twitter page. Or better yet, you can post pictures of your yourself to personalize your tweets on your profile page.

7 Make time

Take time in replying to queries and postings that are related or your field of expertise. This will greatly help in reaching out to more potential clients. When clients see that you are good in dealing with people’s needs, they will put a good word out about you to their friends and family.

Twitter Marketing DON’Ts:

1 Start marketing immediately

This is a very common mistake. As I stated before, some entrepreneurs immediately promote their business as soon as they have registered in Twitter. Please remember not to do this. This is a big NO-NO. Doing so will only make you look like you only care about your business and not your followers.

2 Be too serious

doing this will only scare off people. Being professional is good but this will not do wonders for your Twitter marketing. Remember the first DO? Communicate with customers in a friendly way.

3 Just dump marketing messages

Again, this will only make future followers think that you don’t genuinely care about them. Answer questions, give assistance, and do everything you need to show that you are human.

4 Spam

don’t post the same messages over and over again. It is very irritating to see the same messages on your wall.

The list of do’s and don’ts in this post are very easy to follow and understand. Forgive me if I sounded like a broken record but you would be amazed on how many twitter users make these social networking mistakes.

Remember, the key here is to make your followers and your potential customers feel that you are sincere in giving your services. I am sure that you can do this right. Good luck!

Which is your favorite twitter marketing Do’s and Don’ts?

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