How To Use Banners To Market Your Business Online

How To Use Banners To Market Your Business Online

Banner marketing is still a great way to promote a business online. Basically, banner advertising involves a person creating a block of advertisement promoting his business, and placing it on someone else’s blog or website. It’s the equivalent of the display ads seen in newspapers and magazines. When someone visiting the third party site clicks on the banner, he is immediately transferred to the promoted website.

In the early days of the internet, banner advertising was huge. It was a very effective way to promote a person’s website or business. The conversion rates were fantastic and banners were being plastered everywhere. However, like most things online that work, people overused it. The problem is that when everyone is doing the same thing, the effectiveness of it goes way down.

Be Creative and Smart
The reason that banner advertising started to lose its initial conversion success is because it was so over-used that people started to be desensitized to it. They weren’t consciously trying to ignore the banners, the banners were just blending into the background. When this happened, conversion rates flat-lined.

Fast-forward to today. Although banner marketing has lost its initial “newness,” it still remains a very economical way to advertise a website or business. People wanting to try out banner marketing can either contact the owners of the sites they would like to place their banner ads on, or they can work with a banner ad directory that will give them many more options and places to advertise.

3 Banner Advertising Tips To Keep In Mind:

1. Track your conversions

As with all marketing or advertising campaigns, people need to keep track of how effective their banners are in order to improve them. Knowing how many people took action out of the total amount of people that saw the banner ad can give a person a baseline to work with. He can then make changes and see if those changes increase or decrease the conversion rate.

track your conversions

2. Make it interactive

Plain text banner ads are less effective than ever before because most people unconsciously pass them over. The best way to get people to notice a banner ad is to make it interactive. Getting a person to pop a balloon or select a card or some other simple action that needs to be completed can drastically improve conversions.

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3. Make it relevant

Another way to increase the chances of a person clicking on a banner ad is to place it in a location related to the banner message. A banner for debt reduction is not going to convert very well on a blog about dog care. Too often banner ads are placed in locations ill-suited for them.


Banner marketing is still an efficient way to spread the word about a person’s website or business. Although things are different now then when they first came on the scene, banner ads can be used in combination with other marketing techniques to provide a well-rounded marketing strategy.

People that track conversions, make interactive banners, and place banners in locations that are relevant to the message being promoted should expect many positive experiences with banner advertising.

Do you use banner marketing to advertise your business online?


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