Freelancing Tips: How To Build Your Profile

freelancing tips

Here are 5 freelancing tips to help you build a top notch profile

With the option to earn good money online while working at home, more and more people are considering freelance work- whether it’s writing, web design, programming, accounting and more.

1. Toot Your Own Horn

What do you have to offer? If you are new to freelancing, this might be a little challenging. But run these questions in your mind until you find the right answers. It’s important to know what makes you stand out of the crowd, what differentiates you from the rest.

Think about it. how can you solve potential clients’ problems? Write to impress! Look at what other people are doing and try to take what’s best for you. Think like an employer. What is it that grabs your attention in their profiles? Include these good qualities into your presentation.

And be very specific! Give examples of specific projects you’ve done for past clients. Explain how you tackled those projects and you solved past problems. What projects are you most proud of?

If you are just starting out and you are looking for your first gigs, then I strongly advise you do it for free or for a minimal charge. This will land you fast jobs job to get some experience under your belt. In the meanwhile, focus on polishing your skills and start building your Portfolio.

2. Create an Exciting Tagline

This is the most important ad you’ll ever write! When employers find your profile, the first thing they see is your tagline next to your name. Come up with an eye-grabbing tagline for your profile that conveys the main benefit of someone hiring you. It should be inspiring and reveal your strengths in your niche.

Stay away from generic statements like “Excellent writer for hire”. Instead, make it very specific to what you have to offer, like “A Quality Writing Service You can Trust” or “Timely Delivery of Quality SEO Web Content Writing”

Think From Their Perspective!
Make prospective clients see right upfront why it is a must to hire you. Don’t make it about yourself and how many degrees you have. Your tagline should reveal the benefit your clients will get when they hire you. Trust, they couldn’t care less about what your degree is in. Just think about it, would you ask your car mechanic where he learned to tune your car engine, or how he does it?

3. Links, and Links, And Links

This is so important these days… Include as many links as you can, whether it’s to your own website, portfolio, past working assignments, testimonials etc., anything to give employers a better idea of who you are and what you’ve accomplished.

links are important

4. Don’t Forget Your Keywords

Again, use a little backwards thinking. Imagine you are the employer and are looking for a freelancer in your own niche. How would you go about finding that person? What keywords would you use to search for a professional like yourself?

Look at the top five profiles to make an idea. What keywords did these guys use? Don’t copy, just get some inspiring ideas.  Think of all of the keywords that match your skills and put them in your description. The more keywords the better.

5. Include Testimonials or References

This is important. Ask clients to write some testimonials. Nothing big – just a few words to describe their experience of working with you and how you’ve helped their business.


Hopefully, these five powerful freelancing tips will help you get going with building your online profile and land you the jobs you want! Here are some other tips if you’re a beginner! 

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How will you use these freelancing tips?

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