8 Tasty Blogging Tips

Blogging TipsBlogging is probably one of the easiest ways to get a presence online. So easy in fact that you could have a blog up and running within 10 minutes and all for free. But this is just the beginning and there are many more bridges you have to cross before you can have a successful blog website.

In this article I’m going to share with you some of the things that will increase the success of your blog.

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6 Tricks To Make More Money from Your Blog

Make Money From Your Blog



The right people offering their advice on how to make money from your blog will lead you through all the tried, tested and traditional methods of selling advertising space – acting as an affiliate for other web sites, Google Adsense, linking and more. All are necessary and worthwhile but before any of these ideas are able to bear fruit you must get traffic to your blog.

You can have the most beautiful blog page in the world full of ads and links but if nobody gets to see it the whole effort is worthless. Due to the sheer number of blogs being written around the world every day it is only reasonable to expect that the vast majority of these go unread. The secret therefore has to be how to get people to your blog in the first place. Once they’re there it is up to you to have written your blog in such a way that it will keep your visitors engaged.

Your blog headline will have covered the subject matter sufficiently to draw your readers’ attention to the content. From there on you have to hold their interest right through to the end. Once enlightened by the new information you have imparted, your blog will encourage your reader subscribe to future blog posts, or at least bookmark your site for future reference. If you can get enough people to do this you will be successful. [Read more…]

7 Things You Need to Do When You Promote Affiliate Products with Squidoo

Promote Affiliate ProductsSquidoo is a free platform where you can write about anything that you enjoy writing about. You can use Squidoo to promote affiliate products as well. But, it is a little tricky because there are many advertisements in Squidoo that will distract your readers from your main offer.

To successfully promote affiliate products on Squidoo, here are 7 things you need to do.

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How to Write a Press Release

Write Press ReleaseBefore Writing a Press Release

Have a purpose in mind: A press release isn’t a catch-all solution to every problem. If you are going to interrupt a journalist’s time to pitch a story, make sure that what you have to tell him or her is worth their time. Plan out what you plan to accomplish with the press release a while before you start working on it. If the press release won’t help you accomplish the goals and objectives of the your company, then writing it serves you no purpose.

Sometimes your purpose will be for search engine optimization purposes. Even if no newspapers run your story, by posting it on your organization’s online newsroom, you could do a lot to increase your visibility on search engines. People Googling your company may be able to find your press release.

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After the Deadline Plugin – Grammar & Spell Checking made Eazy

After The DeadlineIf you do a lot of typing on the web, from sending emails to blogging to posting comments or status updates, even the best writer is bound to make some mistakes. If you’re the kind of person who wants to make sure everything you type has correct spelling and grammar, you probably waste a lot of time rereading what you’ve written to check for errors. If you had someone to do it for you, it’d probably make things a lot easier, right? Especially if you’re not the best at spelling and grammar to begin with, everyone can benefit from an extra set of eyes on their work.

After the Deadline is a spelling, grammar and style checker that works in your browser and acts as a very competent safety net to protect you from common and careless errors. It will proofread for you nearly everywhere you write anything on the web, from blogs to chat forums to email. After the Deadline developers have worked very hard to make it one of the most accurate proofreaders out there, and most users agree that it’s extremely helpful. Users of the Mozilla Firefox browser overwhelmingly rated it four out of five stars in their reviews, and they claim it’s one of the top add-ons to Firefox.

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How Infographics Can Increase The Traffic On Your Blog

A good infographic is a means of giving readers a general overview of a subject that can then be converted into social currency in the form of talking points, sharing, tweets and Likes. An infographic should mix text, data and images in order to create one single message. A message that is considerably stronger than it would otherwise be if it had have been left to text, data or images alone. A good infographic can therefore consist of anything from graphs, charts, maps and diagrams to pictures, symbols and designs. A life insurance infographic may well consist of a graph showing longevity expectations of various age groups along with a photo of a baby and an aged person with a block of text pulling both together.

A successful infographic should be eye catching, even beautiful to the extent it can be adored with its mix of colours and shapes.

It should be able to be identified with one glance and the viewer drawn to looking closer so that he or she can’t help but interact with it. It should be like a good headline. One that makes you read on until you become impatient in wanting to share the new found knowledge with a friend. Likewise a good infographic should make you want to place it in an email and distribute it around your social network.

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Have You Selected The Wrong Keywords?

Have You Selected The Wrong Keywords?I always think that keyword research is probably the most important element of any SEO project. You might think that you could point to other areas that are just as critical, but my feeling has always been that SEO is never truly successful unless the keyword research is carried out correctly.

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Social Bookmarking Is Absolutely The Best Way To Drive Visitors To Your Blog

Social Bookmarking is Essential for Traffic

Social Bookmarking Is Absolutely The Best Way To Drive Visitors To Your Blog

Just about each and every blogger struggles with getting traffic to their blog. The amount of garbage programs that happen to be on the web is actually ridiculous. In the next few paragraphs we will be discussing how you can use social bookmarking as a way to get traffic to your blogs without the need for those traffic programs that just do not work.

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Writing a Good SEO Article: 4 Tips

It’s not easy to write a good SEO article, or is it?

Good SEO Article

If you are trying to increase traffic to your website the best (and only) way to attract the most search engine algorithms is through the use of search engine optimized (or SEO) articles. However, the ins and outs of SEO can be as tough to learn as a foreign language for a lot of people.

Here, I will review four important tips to keep in mind as you begin to build the articles and backlinks that you need to your website.

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7 Must-Have Content Sharing Tools to Rev up Your Online Business

Content sharing tools make content syndication quick and simple

7 Must-Have Content Sharing Tools to Rev up Your Online Business

The internet continues to revolutionize the way people communicate, particularly the way businesses share content for marketing purposes. While social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube have made it easier to spread information on the Internet, there are tons of other content sharing tools that take sharing several notches higher.

By combining good content, active presence on social networks, and a generous helping of inbound links, you have at your disposal a potent formula for high visibility and search engine ranking.  These fool-proof elements translate to targeted traffic and quality sales and leads.

Here are seven of the most well loved content sharing and syndication tools that you can use to rev up your web presence:

1.  Tribe Pro. 

This is a content syndication program that lets sharing of content on the web to be on auto pilot.  Users can post their content on as many sites as possible with the help of other ‘Tribe’ members. Members help create a buzz for each other to boost traffic and opt-ins, as well as targeted leads.

2. AddThis. 

This powerful tool allows web marketers, publishers and bloggers to spread their content in cyberspace. All they had to do is include an HTML or JavaScript codes in their websites so visitors can bookmark their posts and share these via social networks. Very user-friendly because it’s fast and easy to install, AddThis is also free.


This content sharing tool syndicates your content to hundreds of members across the globe by automating your inbound traffic, links and viral elements.  You can spread your blog posts virally through SYNND by having members bookmark, comment on, and rate them.

4. Posterous. 

This is a versatile blogging platform that lets users post links, videos, photos, documents and audio files in customized formats on the web via email. Posterous automates posting on social media, and comes with a Google Analytics program that gives you insight into your shared content. Just email your content to (your user name).posterous.com, and Posterous will reformat your content and syndicate it to your preferred blogs and social media.

5. OnlyWire. 

Allows website owners and bloggers to automate content sharing on over 40 popular social networks. With OnlyWire, you can easily reach millions of users across the web and boost your Google search ranking.

6. Bloggers.com.

Another must-have tool for bloggers, Bloggers.com features commentaries, event descriptions, graphics and videos. Each blogger’s profile is highlighted by the type of content he shares. Bloggers are encouraged to share details about themselves, photos, as well as blog links. Creators/authors of all types of blogs (photoblog, vlog, MP3 blog, artlog, etc.) are welcome to share their content to other members.

7. Tumblr. 

A relative newbie to the content sharing market, Tumblr is another must-have blogging platform. Bloggers can post text, links, videos or images, and audio via the short-form blog called ‘tumblelog’. Members can “follow” each other, or “like” and “reblog” posts from other users.

These are seven of the most popular content sharing tools and syndication platforms that your business should not do without. With these tools, anyone serious about cultivating a robust presence on the web can increase his or her visibility, following, and profits exponentially.

Which of these content sharing tools have you used?

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