TikTok removes ban on US team who was censured for criticizing China’s treatment of muslims.


A young TikTok user said she was suspended from the Chinese-owned app after posting a video to raise awareness about the plight of Uighur Muslims in China.

Feroza Aziz took to Twitter after she said TikTok had banned her for posting a clip telling viewers that China is detaining Muslims in “concentrations camps” and the situation is “another Holocaust.”

Aziz wrote on Twitter on Monday that she has been blocked from posting on TikTok for a month but added: “This won’t silence me.”

Alongside a screenshot of her TikTok app which said she was suspended for “multiple violations” of the platform’s Community Guidelines, Aziz added: “China is scared of the truth spreading. Let’s keep scaring them and spread the truth. Save the Muslims.”

“We got the UN to step in and help Sudan because we spread awareness so we can do the same thing for China. Generations before us didn’t have the same power as we do now and that’s technology. We can reach millions across the world. We can reach those who have the power to do something about it.”

She added: “Our voices can do so much, it doesn’t matter if we’re not 18 or of age to vote. Don’t have the mindset that you are powerless. You have power. You can create change.”

Here is the video




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