The art collection of real estate mogul Harry Macklowe and his ex-wife Linda sold for a record-setting $922.2 million.


Since Harry Macklowe and his ex-wife, Linda, got divorced in 2016, the art collection they agreed to sell as part of their settlement has brought in $922,2 million, making it the most expensive collection ever sold at auction.

On Monday in New York, Sotheby’s auction house sold 30 pieces from the Macklowe Collection. These pieces were made by Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, and other modern artists.

The first sale of 35 works of art in November brought in $676 million, which the auction broker said was the most money ever made at a Sotheby’s auction.

The November sale included “No. 7” by Rothko, which sold for $82.4 million, “Number 17” by Jackson Pollock, which sold for $61 million, and “Nine Marilyns” by Andy Warhol, which went for $47 million.

Sotheby’s says that the last 30 works were sold on Monday night for a total of $246.1 million. Among them were pieces by Jeff Koons, Gerhard Richter, Willem de Kooning, and Agnes Martin. A painting by Rothko that didn’t have a name sold for $48 million, and a self-portrait by Warhol brought in $18.7 million.


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