5 Fundamental Marketing Secrets People Take For Granted

5 Fundamental Marketing Secrets People Take For Granted1

By the time you finish reading this post, they won’t be marketing secrets anymore.

Successful marketing can make or break any business. Marketing is the process that turns products into sales. Whether a new business or an established brand, when considering a marketing strategy it may seem difficult to know what to do, with often contradictory advice everywhere. These insider marketing tips can help any business develop their marketing strategy, increase their presence, and grow their customer base.

1) Know Your Market

You cannot develop or institute a successful marketing strategy or campaign without knowing your target audience. The types of campaign and tone that will appeal to teenagers is unlikely to be persuasive to retirees. You need to know the desires and needs of your market, as well as how to reach them before you can make any decisions about budget, design or content of a marketing campaign. 

2) Identify Your Brand and Maintain its Reputation

Your company can stand or fall based on its reputation. Decide what you feel is most appealing or what is drawing in your current customers, whether it be reliability, cost-effectiveness, service, or another factor. Make sure to emphasise this trait in communications, marketing materials and advertising. Ensure that these claims are backed up by the facts of your day-to-day activities, and aggressively combat any negative press.

3) Use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

The information that you possess about your customers – purchasing habits, demographics, location and so on – is a goldmine of marketing resources simply waiting to be mined. Using CRM software helps you to sort and segment your data and ultimately benefit from this information. From rewarding loyal customers to enticing low-buyers with special offers, CRM software is a vital part of any marketing strategy.

use a crm software

4) Communicate With Your Customer Base

No matter how good your product or efficient your business, you will not succeed unless customers know who you are and how to find you. Effective communication does not end when the customer has purchased their product or service. You need to maintain communication with the customer so that they recall your business and therefore will return themselves and recommend your business to others. However, be sure not to over saturate the customer with irrelevant information. This can lead to a negative association with your brand. All communications should be positive, offering news, discounts or special offers, thereby associating your business with positive feelings.

5) Develop Loyalty in Your Customer Base

Purchasing decisions are never purely based on a rational cost-benefit analysis. Conscious and subconscious feelings of loyalty and previous good experiences make customers more likely to choose one business over another. A feeling of loyalty also helps your business to be the first place that springs to mind when the customer discovers a new need.

Give Some Incentive!
Consider offering a rewards system where customers are incentivised to continue doing business with you over other providers. Periodic offers spontaneously sent to loyal customers will make them feel valued and subconsciously indebted to your company, thereby increasing the likelihood they will choose you over your competitors.

How will these marketing secrets help your business?

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