Stumbleupon Marketing Tips – 4 Essential Steps to Drive Traffic

Stumbleupon Marketing Tips - 4 Essential Steps to Drive Traffic

Note: StumbleUpon is now MIX, but you can still get benefit from these tips.

While not as widely known as the obvious choices like Facebook and Twitter, StumbleUpon is a great resource when trying to get traffic for your website. You’d be surprised by how fast your site can travel through the ranks using these StumbleUpon marketing tips, but it’s the initial bump that is probably the most difficult phase.

Using these StumbleUpon marketing tips will help you drive traffic without “stumbling” too much along the way.

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1. Be an Active Member in the Community

It’s not enough to just start stumbling everything you see, you need to be a contributing member. Forgot about stumbling on your own content and thinking people won’t see through your obvious agenda to promote your own site, because everyone who’s been around the block a few times can see this from a mile away. Perhaps the best way to get exposure for your own website is to let others stumble upon it first before you go on the assault. This will make your efforts look more genuine.

2. Use Descriptions and Titles That Will Get Attention

Pretty obvious, right? But with the amount of stuff on the Internet, if your description and title is generic as can be, who is going to click on it? Probably nobody. You don’t need to think up a prize-winning title for your content, but spend some time thinking about a title that you would click on. Think about if you’d click on your content based on the first impression given off by your title. If you don’t get excited or interested, you might want to change it.

3. Create One Account and That’s It!

You can easily lose credibility by creating multiple accounts to boost your traffic. Let’s say one of your accounts gets favorable results for your Michigan Ford dealers website, and then someone finds out that you’ve been using another account to do the same thing? You’ll be bumped into oblivion by the community and will probably get banned. What a waste of time that would be! Stick to one account and see what kind of efforts you can conjure up.

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4. Build Up Your Reputation and Make Contacts

Essentially becoming friends with people in the community, you can use this as the perfect time to build on your website and have the people you’re in contact with spread your reputation. This is one of the more important things you can do with our StumbleUpon marketing tips when building traffic for your site.

That’s it! If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to building traffic for your site or sites. By avoiding unethical behavior and steering clear and shady practices, the community will not reject your StumbleUpon marketing tips and will spread your site around if it’s catchy enough and is good quality.

These essential Stumbleupon marketing tips will help you drive more traffic, will you use them?

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