Mark Cuban deals drugs with the launch of online pharmacy

mark cuban

Mark Cuban, the billionaire businessman and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has started an online pharmacy for generic pharmaceuticals that claims significant savings over existing distributors.

On Wednesday, Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drug Company announced the launch of its online pharmacy. The drugstore claims that by offering medicines at manufacturers’ pricing plus a flat 15% markup and a pharmacist charge, it will sidestep health care sector “middlemen” and help consumers avoid exorbitant prescription prices.

“All drugs are priced at cost plus 15% ! Sign up and share your thoughts and experiences with us !” Cuban tweeted last week.


The launch comes after the corporation launched its own pharmacy benefit manager a few weeks ago. PBMs are firms that manage medication coverage and have a significant influence on prescription drug pricing by working directly with health insurers, drugmakers, and pharmacies.


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