Lyft rolling out a car rental service


Lyft (LYFT) has spent years battling Uber in the ride-hailing market. Now, it’s taking on Hertz and Avis, too.

The company announced a new service called Lyft Rentals on Thursday, which allows users to rent cars for up to two weeks. A sedan in San Francisco was available for $35 per day on Thursday, but prices vary significantly depending on the day and time of booking and could go up to $149 per day on the weekend.

Lyft will also give riders credits of up to $20 each way for rides to and from its rental lots — two in Los Angeles and one each in San Francisco and Oakland. Users can rent a Mazda 3 sedan or a Mazda CX-5 SUV in Los Angeles, and can choose between a Volkswagen Passat or a Volkswagen Atlas SUV in the Bay Area.

Lyft declined to comment on how many cars it currently has available. The company is also offering various insurance plans that cover the car, the driver and third parties, respectively.



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