Establishing Your New Business Online

Establishing Your New Business Online

So you’ve got your new business up-and-running! Perhaps it’s even doing well already. Perhaps it’s not. Whatever the case, one way you can help it do much better is by taking it online.

The whole world is watching

Few people don’t have access to the Internet these days, so if you’re not online then you could, potentially, be missing out of millions of customers. Think about it! When you’ve mentioned your business to friends, family, or potential customers, how many times have you been asked for your website URL?

people watching a site from around the world

Of course, before anyone interested in your business can become a customer, they need to be able to find you first. And, first and foremost, that means a website. But, wait! Before you rush out and buy yourself a fancy website, your first step to conquering the online business world should be to make sure your website is right for your business. After all, you never set up your new business without doing some sort of planning first (at least, we hope you didn’t)!

Your business is great, so make sure it’s a great website

Planning your website and its functionality in advance will make a huge difference to the benefits you can gain by doing business online. By taking a little time to do the groundwork, your online business presence can be making money for you from day one.

When you started your business, you didn’t rush out and buy the first piece of equipment you saw or hired the first prospective employee you interviewed. You took your time, because it’s these ‘foundation stones’ that can make or break a business. So, when it comes to getting your website off the ground, you should put the same care and attention into every aspect of how you see it operating.

Think about it! Your website is your online shop window to the world, so don’t just hire your web designer because it’s the acquaintance of the son of your best friend’s uncle. 

Finding the Talent is Difficult
Finding talent takes time and, more than often, you really do get what you pay for. In the long run, doing it on the cheap, often means what you’re selling just looks cheap too.

To look professional, you need a professional

When it comes to a web designer, make sure you see a portfolio and follow up references for work that appears in the portfolio. What’s more, make sure your designer has a breadth of experience and doesn’t just recycle the same website every time. Make sure your needs are understood and your web designer has the experience and know-how to meet them.

Having a site that looks good is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to putting an effective eShop together. You’ll need to look at your ‘back-end’ too. And, by that, we don’t mean covering your ass, if something goes wrong. The ‘back-end’ is all the programmed functionality that goes on behind your site. Since your designer will be only concerned with making the site look good, you’ll probably need someone else to do that.

copywriting is important for a website

Don’t forget words either. As every marketer worth their salt knows – words sell! Consider hiring a professional copywriter to make your message come to life on your site. Great copy can make a huge difference. Once this is all in place, you’re got all the foundations laid for establishing a truly successful business online.

Are you establishing your new business online the right way?


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