Marketing Ideas for Business in Our Current Economic Climate


Having successful marketing ideas are a core element of any business, whether for a product that is bananas or a service that is benevolent. The principles apply that a good item can’t be sold or influenced upon anyone unless they are aware of it. 

A website like this one, or a business initiative like instant benefits can benefit business when putting client loyalty at the forefront of operations, this is also where a start-up can have an advantage.

Not much can be said for the financial status of the global economy much less the local economy but the benefit of business is much like nature, in that it can thrive regardless of what others may influence upon themselves.

Here are some simple and quick ideas to pep up the purchases and put a kick back into those goal conversions.

Marketing Ideas That Make You Laugh

One of the strongest human emotions will never fail to get the attention and love from potential customers.  Lifelong marriages have and still are built on a person’s ability to make another person laugh.  Humor more often than not carries truth, which is the basis and depth of why a funny viewpoint will strike at the core of any user, viewer, or listener.

Like the millionaires who flounder about in the media recycling those fortunes that are amazingly adorned from achieving fame, quality entertainment will render a person helpless to engage, if it can whisk them away from their often mundane, mistaken, or misunderstood daily lives.  

Humor can make a difference
A quick quip, a crafty connotation, or a humorous helping of healthy horseplay can help even the most miserable of person to come out and be their true inner selves, happy and thirsty for more, as they once were more primitive and baby like.

Fun is powerful and priceless, so please utilise and understand this simple solution to selling and securing a new member of your market.

Follow Ups Breed Familiarity

Your existing base of customers is your goldmine, no matter how small (or even non-existent) it is currently, putting a message out, receiving feedback, and following up with an adequate response can often do more than a mass targeted marketing blitz costing a culmination of thousands.

follow up breeds familiarity

Timely yet extremely efficient in the long term, communication with your fans, your customers, and your members helps for them to have a subconscious security about your brand, and your offerings.

Feeling Secure is all People Wish For

Partnerships with loved ones, working the way up in a company, learning new strategies, or simply being selective in a Tesco supermarket: the bottom line is how secure does a person feel in order to make a decision that can take them further, or closer to being feeling secure. 

feeling secure is what people need

A small yet special smart bit of information can help your brand to be the one that is recommended whenever the industry is mentioned amongst peers.

Personify Your Personality

The uniqueness of a brand is the personality, which is also the core element of what makes a person like a brand in a different way to another.

People Love it!
The people love to identify with the best brand personalities. It allows them to categorize and relate themselves to the brand, which can tie them in emotionally with the product or service.

The proof is in the pudding! The top brand identities tend to be the biggest sellers and most popular pieces of our history and culture.

Take the following examples, where the name alone will evoke a whole range of understandings, possibly a memory or two, and maybe even a few subtle sentiments about the product or service in itself:

  • Levi’s,
  • Volkswagen,
  • Pepsi,
  • Coke,
  • Facebook,
  • Smirnoff,
  • and Pizza Hut.

All are brands that spent extensive efforts in communicating not only their product but also their personality and unique identity to the public and their consumers; this marketing communication consideration helped these brands, and quite a few more of many different sizes and locations, to separate, or strategically align themselves from, or with any keen competition, and kept each brand in the public eye, as well as in the public’s hearts.

Simple and Sweet to Success

These small yet simple ideas do sound a lot easier than they are to actually perform.  Though with the amount of hours and effort that goes into building a successful business, the more time spent on relating with your members or customers, utilizing some or all of the ideas mentioned above, the more your business will thrive on its own: generating a unique identity, sharing from the heart with its community, and making connections that cultivate conversions.

How are marketing ideas changing in our current economic conditions?


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