Elon Musk unveils the Tesla Cybertruck


Elon Musk has finally revealed the Tesla Cybertruck, the company’s first electric pickup truck, to the world. If you’re a fan of 1980’s sci-fi design ala Blade Runner, you’ll probably think the truck looks pretty cool.

Starting at $39,900 with 250 miles of range (and going up to 500 miles), the truck is supposed to be a beast with 7,500 pounds of towing capacity and still able to pull off 0 to 60 mph in under 6.5 seconds. And it has Autopilot, Tesla’s signature semi-autonomous driver assistance system.

A man with a sledgehammer hit the sides of the truck without damaging it. But a demonstration of the truck’s supposedly unbreakable metal glass windows backfired when a metal ball thrown at the windows did, in fact, break them.
“But it didn’t go through, ” Musk sheepishly pointed out.

Production will begin in late 2021, with production of the Tri Motor AWD version of the Cybertruck beginning a year later, according to Tesla.



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