Amazon delivery drivers celebration dance goes viral via Ring doorbell video


An Amazon delivery man is bringing happiness to thousands after a video of him dancing outside of a home where he dropped off a package went viral.

Karim Ahmad-Reed is the Amazon employee who delivered a package to a home in Wilmington, Del. for Kathy Ouma last week, and was surprised and pleased to see snacks and drinks left outside for him and other delivery people. But what shocked Ahmad-Reed even more was learning that his celebratory dance was captured on Ouma’s Ring doorbell camera, and ultimately posted to Facebook where over 12 million people have viewed it.

After walking away with his snacks, Ahmad-Reed continues celebrating with a dance, which he tells Yahoo Lifestyle was a natural response.

“This was the first delivery I’ve seen with snacks at the door for drivers,” he says. “I forgot my lunch that day and was hungry and a little dehydrated.”

The videos and photos immediately drew positive attention both for Ouma’s good deed and Ahmad-Reed’s reaction, as people commented “So thoughtful of you,” and “I love his dance at the end!” Still, the delivery man admits that even after learning about the video from his supervisor, he hadn’t expected it to go viral.


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