Walmart creates an Amazon Prime like membership program and changes the grocery game


Walmart (NYSE:WMT) distantly trails Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) in terms of e-commerce sales, but next month, it plans to launch a Prime-like service that in some ways goes beyond what the online retailer offers.

The new Walmart+ member loyalty program marks the latest attempt by the world’s largest retailer to staunch the cash hemorrhage from its digital business. Although its e-commerce sales have been strong, they have yet to translate into profits.

Walmart+ will be more inclusive than JetBlack, and will offer more than just the grocery delivery service that Delivery Unlimited currently provides. Recode reports that the service may include discounts on prescriptions at Walmart pharmacies, and on gas at its gas stations.

The question is whether a significant number of consumers will be willing to pay for another annual e-commerce subscription, particularly one that’s similar to what they already have, but doesn’t come with the added bonus of streaming movies and music.



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