Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page The Right Way

Optimizing Your Facebook Business PageWhen it comes to search engine optimization and its associated strategies, your main website is not the only tool at your disposal. SEO consultants and experts out there know that social media pages can have a positive and substantial impact on search engine rankings. From Facebook to Twitter to Google+, social media marketing is invaluable to business owners, Facebook in particular. And no matter what type of business or industry you’re in, every business should have a Facebook Business Page and more significantly, it should be optimized for SEO.

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How and When Should Market your Business on Facebook to Increase Sales

In this post will look at the real numbers behind the colossal rise of Facebook and focus on how and when you should market your business on Facebook to develop new customers and increase sales.

You may have already had the chance to read the two great articles we posted on our blog about Facebook for business. Those articles will help give you a better understanding of how you can use Facebook for business, so I encourage you to go back and read them after you read this post.  The first article “The Top 10 Social Media Laws of Facebook” was written by Doug Firebaugh while the second article was written by Wayne Kessler titled “How to use Facebook for Your Business: A Complete Guide from A to Z.

Take a look at the info graphic below and will then look at how you can use all this data to more effectively target your audience and get your message across to the 500+ million registered Facebook users.

Putting you business on Facebook will allow you reach a whole new audience

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