files $2.4 billion lawsuit against Google

PriceRunner, Swedish price comparison site, filed lawsuit against Alphabet-owned Google on Monday, seeking €2.1 billion ($2.4 billion) in damages for pushing its own shopping comparisons in search results.
The Swedish IT business filed lawsuit at Stockholm’s Patent and Market Court. 
They are still abusing the market to a very high extent and haven’t changed basically anything,” PriceRunner Chief Executive Mikael Lindahl told the Reuters news agency.

“If US tech giants are allowed to run free and manipulate markets through their near-monopoly positions, we can expect many tech companies in Europe to suffer far beyond the product and price comparison market,” Lindahl added.

“We also see the lawsuit as a fight for consumers, who have suffered great harm from Google’s breach of competition law over the past 14 years and which continues to be ongoing here and now,” Lindahl said.

Google told the AFP news agency changes had been made after 2017 and that it “is subject to intensive monitoring by the European Commission and two external expert groups.”

“PriceRunner chose not to use ads on Google, so it may not have been as successful as others. We are ready to defend our position in court,” Frederic Abrard, director of CSS Shopping Ads at Google, said.



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