The “Lazy” Man’s Way to An Effective Work Day

Effective Work DayThe typical 8 hour business or work day stretches from approximately 8-8:30 or 9am to somewhere between 5 and 6pm. This work day schedule was established around the time of the Industrial Revolution by the unions as an effort to prevent exploitation. Work days previously were between 11 and 16 hours, and for 6 days a week. The change in work schedules to the approximately “9-5” five day a week schedule was ideal at the time. Still, the Industrial Revolution occurred during the 1800s, over two centuries ago. Why are we still using the same working day template?

Surely, our work practices are in need of an overhaul? During the industrial revolution, work was primarily physical. When it comes to manual labour, worker effectiveness doesn’t tend to vary significantly throughout the day provided each worker has sufficient breaks.

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