Social Media explodes with 20 million COVID-19 mentions trumping the President who only had 4 million


As the new coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe and people take to their homes to avoid getting and spreading the contagion, it makes sense that much of the conversation about it is taking place online. People are using the internet to share information, air their anxieties, and bide time while in quarantine. The moments when those online conversations light up also tell us a lot about how our feelings around the pandemic are evolving.

The latest spike in mentions shows how the conversation around the coronavirus has exploded this week. Sprinklr counted a record of nearly 20 million mentions of coronavirus-related terms on March 11. For context on just how big that number is, mentions of the newly canceled NBA games were under 2 million and mentions of Trump were about 4 million on that day.

Sprinklr noted that the emoji most commonly associated with the coronavirus in the past month has been crying laughing, followed by crying loudly and a large red dot, used mainly in Latin America, Spain, and France to represent a warning. The medical face mask emoji was No. 5, after the hand pointing down.

As the number of coronavirus infections continues to grow, so will our need to talk about it on social media. This is only the beginning of a very long public conversation.



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