The 10 Laws of Online Recruiting

the10 laws of online recruiting

The recruiting process on the internet is not unlike the process offline. You still must prospect, contact, present, follow up, get the decision, and train and duplicate.among other things.

So what are the 10 Laws?

1- The Law of Gain/Loss

You must stress in every communication what the prospect has to GAIN from your offer, or what they will LOSE if they don’t act today.

2- The Law of Curiosity

Your goal in Internet recruiting is to initially create a sense of curiosity and build from there. There is no need to have a ton of information in your initial message.

3- The Law of Personalization

If you are going to be a SERIOUS recruiter on the net, you must get personal. You must include in your emails and special mailings, if at all possible, the name of the individual you are mailing to.  Why? There is a 10 times greater chance of them opening it up if you have their name on it then if not.

online recruitment

4- The Law of Automation

The successful internet recruiter will have automated their recruiting process for the most part, and increase their exposures ten fold. If you are not taking advantage of some of the automation software out on the net to increase your productivity, you are wasting time. You must use auto responders to follow up with your folks.

5- The Law of Impact

Your recruiting efforts must not just Inform, but Impact. What is impact on the net? It is where you create an “I can relate to that” mindset, an “I never thought of that ” mindset, or an “I can’t let this happen to me” focus that just “hits them” when they read your message.

Did You Know?
The Most Powerful way to impact folks is with a probing question that draws them to your message and disturbs them. It’s called Recruiting Magne-TechsT.

6- The Law of Trust

You must develop a trust with your prospects over time. Trust MUST be there for your prospect to move forward in the process. How do you create trust? With additional exposures, and also asking questions about the person and his/her family once they respond to your initial communication.

7- The Law of Follow Up

In Network Marketing, online and offline, The Fortune is in the Follow Up. If you are going to be successful on the net, you must follow up with your interested prospects. Would you discover a gold mine and not finish the digging? It is the same concept. The more you follow up, the more your check will go up! How do you follow up? With auto responders, a system that can be duplicated, additional information, and a call to action each communication.

8- The Law of Visibility

The More Visible you are on the net, in the search engines, ezines, emailings, classifieds, chat rooms, forums, and other exposure vehicles, the Less you will have to worry about a weak paycheck.

Make an Effort to Be Visible
You MUST be visible on the internet. Your company probably will do what they need to do to get exposure, but so must you. If you build it, they WON’T come. Unless they know about you keep your name out there and keep your message visible.

9- The Law of Multiple Steps

You must use a Multi-Step process to recruit on the internet. The average person who responds to your offer will have something in common with all of the other folks who respond. The folks on the net you want to recruit are notoriousfor being “click happy” and impatient. How do you get past that? Short bursts of information.

If you create a ‘trail’ that folks can follow and cyber walk down, and give them a step-by-step process to follow, you will have a much higher chance of recruiting someone.



10- The Law of All

You must do it all on the internet to recruit – classifieds, ezine ads, search engines, forums, newsgroup, (be careful with these as they are a different recruiting process), bulletin boards, email, website, plus more. Why? You never know who is looking, and never know who would be more focused on search engines than ezine ads.  ALL stands for Accessing Limitless Leads – and if you do it ALL, you will end up
with it all!


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