5 Tips to Boost Your Blog Traffic

I present to you some tips to boost your blog traffic, tips that blog gurus swear by.

Blog Traffic

Blogs, also known as weblogs, are the new great thing business owners make use as a business strategy. Starting a blog and submitting content only, will not make hundreds of people reading your blog. Some effort and marketing knowledge must come at work, so your blog will be more “noticeable”.

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Writing a Good SEO Article: 4 Tips

It’s not easy to write a good SEO article, or is it?

Good SEO Article

If you are trying to increase traffic to your website the best (and only) way to attract the most search engine algorithms is through the use of search engine optimized (or SEO) articles. However, the ins and outs of SEO can be as tough to learn as a foreign language for a lot of people.

Here, I will review four important tips to keep in mind as you begin to build the articles and backlinks that you need to your website.

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5 SEO Tips for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

These are very important SEO tips that every business needs!

SEO Tips

“SEO” is a hot buzz word these days. Everyone from the New York Times (JC Penney, anyone) to NBC’s The Good Wife is referencing it, and not always in good ways. This increases the need for good information. Many small businesses and business owners who are wondering “what’s with this SEO business anyways?” Meaning, what does SEO have to offer me, the small business owner? How can I do this SEO “thing”? Can I do it myself? Why should I pay someone to do SEO for me? How hard can it really be? My answer: not hard, but really hard at the same time.

As an SEO, multiple website owner, and an entrepreneur however, I have learned a few things about SEO that everyone can implement on their site, at least to start. These are some so-called SEO “best practices” that every site should use. If some of these are above your head, I apologize and would be happy to field your questions at thebeginnerseo@gmail.com

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