3 Important Google Plus Marketing Tips for Business


Google Plus Marketing TipsGoogle Plus. It is the new social media place for everyone to go and share their lives or business or anything else with the people around them. Facebook has been No. 1 with users for years, and in the middle of 2011 users saw Google Plus come to the spotlight as a new way to communicate. The interface is very different from Facebook and gives Google Plus users options that they won’t find on Facebook. This has some intrigued while others are still skeptical. Does that stop the growth of Google Plus? Of course not. It is growing day by day as more and more users add their profiles. Companies are already offering Google Plus marketing tips as a way to help businesses get started.

Aside from these new interfaces and other options from Google Plus, what is it that makes a business choose to add their profile to Google Plus? How can I say this?… It’s Google. Businesses already use Google as a tool to market to their potential clients, so why not create a profile that will help your business communicate better with your customers?

Google Plus marketing tips can be helpful when you are just getting started, especially for those businesses that have decided to take the Google Plus route. It may be true that Facebook may stay the largest realm for communication, but there is so much potential for Google Plus it would be a shame not to take advantage of it as soon as possible.

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Google Plus Marketing Tips

There are many simple things that you can do to ensure your connection on Google Plus is strong. With these easy to follow Google Plus marketing tips, you can have a profile that will connect you on a real level with your audience.

First, set up a strong profile. Just like on Facebook, you need to have a strong profile. If it’s weak or missing something, you will get less people interested in seeing who you are. Have a picture that you know identifies you with your audience. If you are the CEO of a company, have a well-lit headshot. Your introduction needs to be long enough to include all the relevant information about who you or your company are but not be so long that readers will lose interest and move on. Once your profile is finished, make sure you have it labeled as “Help others find my profile in Search Results”. If you aren’t visible, how are others going to find you?

Second, use SEO to your advantage. On the right side of your profile you can add links and text. Use your terms, add some unique and RELEVANT information, and it will encourage more users to visit your website. Remember, this is Google, so those links should have a higher “searchability” than most, meaning that Google Plus is more open to searching that Facebook is.

Third, and the most important of my Google Plus marketing tips, communicate. Use the “+”, comments and share options to your advantage. Build relationships by communicating with others. Don’t just put content or posts out there to have others read. Make sure to comment on theirs too. Keep up with the news of your industry. Share thoughts or ideas with others. Include photos, videos, anything that is interesting to your audience. Don’t let Google Plus be a one-sided conversation. Talk to others and they will talk back. That’s what you want to begin with. So keep at it, and if someone says something to you, you should definitely say something back

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These Google Plus marketing tips can only help you in the long run. Can they be ignored? Sure. But any bit of help is help. Marketing may be primarily to open the visibility of a company to its audience, but social marketing is its own special part of the Internet. It involves you, your company and your audiences. Not one at a time. So, build up your profile, use Google to your advantage, and COMMUNICATE.

Google+ is here, how will you use these Google Plus marketing tips?

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