10 Creative and Powerful Business Card Designs

 Business Card

Want to create a business card that drives customers to your door?

Business cards are an important part of any business. It tells your potential customers what you do and why they should use your product or service. Anyone can put a name, a phone number and a website address on a card. There are others that go above and beyond the norm and create something unique and powerful. Scroll down and click on any of the images. Like or comment directly on Instagram.

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14 Instagram Hacks For Building A Strong Instagram Profile For A Massive Following



Do you want to be on Instagram?

Are you looking for Instagram Hacks that can grow your following?

There are plenty of reasons to have a presence on Instagram and one among them is that it is the best place to connect and engage with individuals without writing a massive blog post. Currently, there are millions of people on Instagram, and it has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms.

Instagram is welcoming and warm and is one of the best places to connect and communicate with your audience.

Who does well on Instagram?

It is the perfect place for photographers, celebrities, visual storytellers, innovative brands, individuals with unique and consistent styles, and the list goes on. You have various strategies at your disposal to do well with these Instagram hacks. Also, there is room for everyone to narrate their unique stories.

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How to Create an Explosive Brand Image that Will Grow With Your Business

What does your brand image say about your business?

How to Create an Explosive Brand Image that Will Grow With Your Business

In today’s crowded business environment it’s no longer enough to market your business, you need to be actively “branding” as well. The question is, what is branding, and why is it so important?

Creating a brand for your business is a long, focused process and it doesn’t stop when your brand is recognizable. In fact, the best brands with the most longevity are constantly changing and evolving to suit the needs of the market. Building a brand image that will grow with your business is challenging, to say the least, but it can be done with a little creativity and a lot of pre-planning.

Below are several absolutely crucial steps in creating a brand that will last the life of your company, and maybe even longer (if you do it right!)

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9 Ways to Make Your Company More Appealing to Job Seekers

9 Ways to Make Your Company More Appealing to Job SeekersHow do you make your company more appealing and get qualified job seekers knocking at your door?

With so many people out seeking work in today’s economy, it may seem like you have the pick of the litter. However, with more job seekers, there is more competition to stand out among the dozens of other companies to which these prospective employees are applying. Moreover, you will not only want to attract employees, but you want to attract the right employees.

If you are struggling to find job seekers, or can’t seem to attract the right people for the job, there are steps you can take to sweeten the deal. Below are nine ways you make your company more appealing to job seekers. By applying these tips your business will go from lunchroom loner to head cheerleader in today’s competitive job market.

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Easy Steps to Use Twitter to get Customer Feedback

Easy Steps to Use Twitter to get Customer Feedback

As wonderful and revolutionary as twitter has been for businesses, the micro blogging site has one serious drawback- one cannot use it to get feedback from customers as easily as one could use it to make announcements to them. that being said, Twitter is one of the most widely used social media networks in the world and not using it could mean losing out on staying in touch with key demographics. Since you cannot go on and reinvent twitter to suit your own business, an easier course of action might be to think out of the box and try to be innovative to ensure that your customers don’t feel neglected by you. here are a few easy steps that can help you use Twitter to get customer feedback. [Read more…]

Wage a Successful Email Marketing Campaign War

Wage a Successful Email Marketing Campaign WarUse Email Marketing To Your Benefit

Unsolicited email, much like unsolicited calls have a far lower rate of success than permission based emails. Targeting permission based customers can result in higher return on investment and can help business owners build, grow and retain a lucrative customer base.

Email marketing, when used effectively can actually strengthen relationships with the customer and build loyalty. However, permission based email is becoming an increasingly popular market and as in-boxes are filled with an influx of email it is still essential to get your email noticed in the crowd. [Read more…]

Master Negotiator | 7 Tips to Win Negotiations

Are you ready to become a master negotiator?

Master Negotiator | 7 Tips to Win NegotiationsDo you think that if you’re confident enough you can win negotiations? You might have to reboot your skills, as you’ll need so much more to become a master negotiator. Over the past few years, we’ve reached a conclusion: you can’t get a good bargain if you’re cocky. Right now, there are other attributes that make a negotiator good at his/her job. Kindness, the ability to compromise, and honesty, are the newest most successful skills you need to close a successful deal.

As regular individuals we tend to give a negative connotation to the word ‘negotiation’. That’s because people are tired of salespersons blabbing on and on about some products you’re not going to buy anyway. But what happens to the business world? What skills do you need to get your other party’s attention?

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How to Defend Your Sales Price: Strategy to Sell Anything

How To Defend Your Sales Price - Strategy To Sell AnythingDeveloping your sales skills is essential nowadays, especially if you want to achieve success in the current business world. Even though most people believe that a good salesperson should master only the process of selling products, the situation is different in reality.

For example, you can sell good ideas either to your boss or colleagues, or you can even sell yourself in order to make others become aware of all the things that you have to offer. Sales skills are not designed only for salespeople, since they can be applied to all types of different sales situations, whether they involve ideas, merchandise, or even yourself. If you want to enhance your sales skills, you will definitely benefit from the following tips. [Read more…]

The Art Of Growing Your Customer Base (For Free)

The Art of Growing Your Customer BaseWhat follows are tips and tricks that will help you grow your customer base, gathered through years of experience and talking to customers.

When you’re a business owner, you never know when the next opportunity will present itself. Whether you’re a contractor, photographer or a real estate agent your livelihood depends on those opportunities, so you need to be familiar with every tool & tactic out there.

I’m a small business owner.

Most of my friends are small business owners as well.

I guess it’s something in the water. :)

No idea how this happened.

We talk a lot about how to increase our revenues, how to develop  customers, how to improve  the business relationship with our customers a little better.

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Seizing the Potential of Online Polls And Surveys

Seizing the Potential of Online Polls and SurveysHow can online polls and surveys help grow your business?

With so much business conducted online these days, the sphere of internet marketing has become a huge field of endeavor in itself. The internet has given enterprises an unprecedented opportunity to not only build up a detailed picture of its target market – and even individual customers – but also to build interactive relationships with these customers and much more. To this end, there are many tools available, such as social media and email marketing, but when it comes to carrying out wide-ranging and effective customer research, there are few tools more powerful than online surveys.

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