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Awesome Blog Posts
Coach John :)

Awesome blog posts is launching today. Traffic has been increasing dramatically on my blog so I apologize if it’s loading a little slow.  I’m currently having my team migrate the site to a dedicated server. I can’t wait to have a faster blog.  :lol:

This post starts off a new weekly feature I’m developing. My goal is to share with you some of the awesome blog posts that I’ve come across in the past week.  I’ve chosen to spotlight only a few articles, because I respect your time and I want make sure you are able to read them. Also it will give you some great content to enjoy over the weekend.

Enjoy Volume 1 of Awesome Blog Posts

What can I say about Gary Vaynerchuk, I could easily feature him every week for awesome blog posts.  He truly is a phenomenal  leader.  Since I read his first best seller “Crush It”, I was convinced that this is a person I want to follow and model myself after.

Buying the New York Jets is Gary’s big WHY and he consistently shares that with his audience. His commitment to accomplishing this goal is unshakable. What’s your most audacious goal? Do you share it with the world or are you too shy to say it out loud?

Many of us have read or watched “The Secret”, but yet we forget that we have to put our thoughts into motion towards accomplishing our goals. My big goal is to pay off the remaining mortgage of my home here in Pennsylvania and burn it.  I say Pennsylvania, because I do own two rental properties in Montreal, Canada and another home/head office in Miami, Florida. I’m on pace to accomplish this first big goal by next year.

Our first awesome blog post is actually a video by Gary Vaynerchuk. In this video he teaches the social media prinicples for personal and business success. Let’s watch it together, press play now.

You may or may not already know, but I am a huge fan of guest blogging.  I personally contribute to a number of websites that drive traffic back to my blog and this is why YOU need to start guest blogging.

Think about it, if you write a guest post on a blog that gets over 50,000 visitors a month.  How many will come back to your website to connect with you? Even if it’s one new person, that in my eyes is priceless.

Guest Blogging literally gives you the opportunity to steal the contact list of an established website.  Get started guest blogging today by checking out my friend DiTesco’s awesome blog post and one of my guest posts that I did that will help you optimize your website fast.

FYI: I’ve got DiTesco coming on board to share a guest blog post next week, keep looking out for it as it’s going to be a winner (As his content always is).

Two of my favorite awesome blog posts for the week are geared towards Google’s +1 button.

I’m a visual person and I love 2 things, a clean website design and video tutorials. I personally can’t stand visiting a website that has tons of share buttons splattered at the top of each post desperately hoping to be clicked on.  To eliminate the clutter and make your brand more professional, I recommend the wordpress app SideBar Share. You’ll notice I use it on my blog (shift your eyes a little to the left). What’s cool about this app, Is that it follows along with the reader while he/she reads the post.  It’s kind of like in your face, but without the mess. Another strategy to keep in mind is that if your share buttons are on the top of your post, people are less likely to go back up to the start of the post and click them.  Remember that it’s important to create a call to action at the end of each and every post.

Continuing along, this next post by Dereck Arreguin does a great job at showing you step by step how to install the new Google +1 button on your blog.  It took me 3 minutes to follow his instructions and implement it myself.  I recommend that you click on my Google +1 button and make sure I installed it correctly. Wink Wink  ;-)

The last awesome blog post for this week touches upon the things you need to know about the new Google +1 button.  Google is continuously changing their algorithim and if your not providing VALUE, then your not getting any of their traffic.  Nuff said.

That’s a wrap for this week’s exciting new series called “Awesome Blog Posts”, as always I hope you learned a lot from these posts and I definitely would appreciate it if your shared it.

If you have what it takes to be a guest blogger, I’d love to chat with you and feature you here on my business blog.  Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook or even submit your awesome blog post directly on my blog at Guest Post.

Did you like this weeks awesome blog posts?

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