After the Deadline Plugin – Grammar & Spell Checking made Eazy

After the Deadline Plugin - Grammar & Spell Checking made Eazy

After The DeadlineIf you do a lot of typing on the web, from sending emails to blogging to posting comments or status updates, even the best writer is bound to make some mistakes. If you’re the kind of person who wants to make sure everything you type has correct spelling and grammar, you probably waste a lot of time rereading what you’ve written to check for errors. If you had someone to do it for you, it’d probably make things a lot easier, right? Especially if you’re not the best at spelling and grammar to begin with, everyone can benefit from an extra set of eyes on their work.

After the Deadline is a spelling, grammar and style checker that works in your browser and acts as a very competent safety net to protect you from common and careless errors. It will proofread for you nearly everywhere you write anything on the web, from blogs to chat forums to email. After the Deadline developers have worked very hard to make it one of the most accurate proofreaders out there, and most users agree that it’s extremely helpful. Users of the Mozilla Firefox browser overwhelmingly rated it four out of five stars in their reviews, and they claim it’s one of the top add-ons to Firefox.

You can also use After the Deadline as an extension on Google Chrome and Writer. There is a plugin available for WordPress, bbPress, and a bookmarklet for all other browsers. If you want to test out After the Deadline or just use it occasionally, visit and check your text there with a simple copy and paste. If you’re wondering how it works and what the benefits are, you can read on or watch the video.

How It Works

When you have installed After the Deadline, you will automatically be able to check your writing in any open text field on your browser. Just look in the text box, and click the “ABC” button that will appear in the corner, and After the Deadline will perform a spelling, grammar and style check. It will then underline potential problems – spelling in red, grammar in green, and style in blue. You can then right click on each underlined word or set of words, and After the Deadline will provide a suggestion. It will work just about everywhere you can enter type, and it won’t bother you by marking up your text with lots of lines and pointing out your errors – it will only go over your text when you ask it to.


There are lots of benefits to using After the Deadline. Just remember that it isn’t a complete substitute for your own writing and editing, and it can make mistakes. The developers of After the Deadline admit it is not perfect, but it overwhelmingly seems to be one of the most accurate checkers out there. Here are some of the benefits to using After the Deadline:

●      Check your spelling and suggest a correction.

●      Detect misused words, not just assume your word is correct because it’s spelled correctly. It uses a database of over 1500 commonly misused words, and it uses surrounding content to locate word usage errors.

●      Check your style to help you write clearly and concisely. It will suggest simpler phrases, identify passive voice, look for hidden verbs, suggest eliminations in cases of redundant text, and identify clichés.

●      Use a grammar checker to find confused words, repeated words, and verb and noun disagreements.

●      Will capitalize “I” for you.

And perhaps the best benefit of using After the Deadline is that it will make you a better writer. One of the coolest features of After the Deadline is you can select “explain” when you right-click on an error, and it will tell you why it may be wrong, so that you can learn for next time.

How much time do you think the After the Deadline plugin can save you?

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