7 Must-Have Content Sharing Tools to Rev up Your Online Business


Content sharing tools make content syndication quick and simple

7 Must-Have Content Sharing Tools to Rev up Your Online Business

The internet continues to revolutionize the way people communicate, particularly the way businesses share content for marketing purposes. While social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube have made it easier to spread information on the Internet, there are tons of other content sharing tools that take sharing several notches higher.

By combining good content, active presence on social networks, and a generous helping of inbound links, you have at your disposal a potent formula for high visibility and search engine ranking.  These fool-proof elements translate to targeted traffic and quality sales and leads.

Here are seven of the most well loved content sharing and syndication tools that you can use to rev up your web presence:

1.  Tribe Pro. 

This is a content syndication program that lets sharing of content on the web to be on auto pilot.  Users can post their content on as many sites as possible with the help of other ‘Tribe’ members. Members help create a buzz for each other to boost traffic and opt-ins, as well as targeted leads.

2. AddThis. 

This powerful tool allows web marketers, publishers and bloggers to spread their content in cyberspace. All they had to do is include an HTML or JavaScript codes in their websites so visitors can bookmark their posts and share these via social networks. Very user-friendly because it’s fast and easy to install, AddThis is also free.


This content sharing tool syndicates your content to hundreds of members across the globe by automating your inbound traffic, links and viral elements.  You can spread your blog posts virally through SYNND by having members bookmark, comment on, and rate them.

4. Posterous. 

This is a versatile blogging platform that lets users post links, videos, photos, documents and audio files in customized formats on the web via email. Posterous automates posting on social media, and comes with a Google Analytics program that gives you insight into your shared content. Just email your content to (your user name).posterous.com, and Posterous will reformat your content and syndicate it to your preferred blogs and social media.

5. OnlyWire. 

Allows website owners and bloggers to automate content sharing on over 40 popular social networks. With OnlyWire, you can easily reach millions of users across the web and boost your Google search ranking.

6. Bloggers.com.

Another must-have tool for bloggers, Bloggers.com features commentaries, event descriptions, graphics and videos. Each blogger’s profile is highlighted by the type of content he shares. Bloggers are encouraged to share details about themselves, photos, as well as blog links. Creators/authors of all types of blogs (photoblog, vlog, MP3 blog, artlog, etc.) are welcome to share their content to other members.

7. Tumblr. 

A relative newbie to the content sharing market, Tumblr is another must-have blogging platform. Bloggers can post text, links, videos or images, and audio via the short-form blog called ‘tumblelog’. Members can “follow” each other, or “like” and “reblog” posts from other users.

These are seven of the most popular content sharing tools and syndication platforms that your business should not do without. With these tools, anyone serious about cultivating a robust presence on the web can increase his or her visibility, following, and profits exponentially.

Which of these content sharing tools have you used?

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