Five Awesome Tips for Facebook Statuses


There has always been a bit of a downside to Facebook, and that is the lack ofFacebook status tricks customization. You can’t really pimp out your profile in the way you could other social media sites, such as the barely functioning (but still  very sparkly) Myspace. Though that seems to be the usual case with anything that could be dubbed as a real-time updating platform. Twitter is certainly the same way, and in fact looks a lot more rough than Zuckerberg’s social phenomenon.

But just because you can’t add endless annoying graphics and tons of music players with attached videos to an already cluttered profile, doesn’t mean you can’t personalize it a bit. Your greatest resources is your Facebook status, which you can manipulate in a number of fun little ways. Here are five cool tips to help you to make the most of your status updates.


Symbols and Emoticons

Facebook has always limited the number of symbols that are compatible with chat and status messages.  But they did provide a list of 20 symbols that could be inserted, including smileys, a heart, and a few other choices. A few of them have codes that can be made with different keys. But others can be copy/pasted where you want them.

See the list here.

Hide Your Status From Friends

Facebook status updates

Sometimes there is something you want to say that just isn’t welcome to everyone. This is especially true now that parents, grandparents, teachers and coworkers have broken the unwritten rules of Facebook and added us to their lists. This is enough to make anyone nervous, and can cause some tension when we happen to say something we wished someone hadn’t seen.

But you can actually hide your status from certain people. All you have to do is click on the lock that appears under the box when you begin to update your status. It will bring up the options, including “Hide This From…”. From there, you can select the people you don’t want to see your message. Sneaky? Yes. Awesome?  Absolutely.

Tagging Friends

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Have something to say to or about your buddy? Maybe you are quoting them? Whatever the case, you can tag your friends in your status updates. This will give an active link to their profile in your comment, as well as add a copy onto their page for people to see.

It’s easy: just put in @ before beginning to type their name. A selection box will appear beneath, and from there you will be able to scroll down and select the right person. Click on the name and they will appear in the status wit an active link. Post the rest as you normally would, and you’re done!

Post Later

Ever wish you had a timer to put your status up? Especially if you are running a fan or business page? For those marketers out there, or just those who like to be precise with their timing, there is It is an application that works on both Facebook and Twitter, and allows you to work it by signing in as a third party app from your profile. This means no registration, though it does share your profile details.

Profile Redirect Trick

Do you like playing the old bait and switch? If so, there is one trick you can’t miss. There is a standard URL code that will take whoever clicks it to their own profile. The URL is “”, and if you click it now you will find yourself directed to your own page.

You can use this for some fun antic when tricking your friends. For example, you could post it with a status message like: “Oh God, I can’t believe this guy…what a nerd!” If you have unclicked the preview box before posting, your unsuspecting friends will click the link and BAM! They are staring at their own face. Classic!


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