Seven Simple Strategies to Get More Views on YouTube

How to get more views on YouTube is just minutes away.

Get More Views on YouTube

Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has become the leader in online video with more than 10,000 videos uploaded everyday. Your ultimate goal when marketing via YouTube is to land among the Daily Most Viewed Videos. You have 48 hours from the time your video is posted to make this ranking, after that your video is moved to the Weekly Most Viewed, and then off the list. This is not an easy task. Remember, your goal is to create real interest, not the illusion of interest. Fortunately, there are some legit ways to get more views on YouTube with little or no expense on your part.

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How To Become a YouTube Sensation

YouTube Sensation

Have you ever been sent a link to a YouTube video to find it’s received hundreds of thousands of hits? Sometimes it’s because the content of the video or production is amazing, funny or infectiously catchy, but just as often they’re little more than a kid in front of a camera without any rhyme or reason as to why it’s popular. And if that video maker makes an agreement to sell ad space or go in together to share revenue with YouTube they could be looking at some big bucks down the road. So how can you make your video an “overnight” sensation? Here are a few tips…

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