Five Smart Business Tips You Can Learn from Of Mice and Men

You can discover powerful business tips in the unlikeliest places!

Successful Business Tips

Initially I wondered what in the world this book, written in and about scenarios during this country’s greatest economic crisis could offer in the way of business tips. However, comparing it to our nation’s dilemmas today, it appears to offer several reminders, at least five. Reflecting on an overview of the story set in California in the late 1930s, we find a country of haves and have-nots. Migrant workers, or drifters, like the two main characters, were prevalent; few of them had many skills or resources, but all had hopes and dreams. Practically speaking, the most they had was the clothes on their back and, if they were as fortunate as George and Lennie, had each other. These were desperate times; people were trying anything to make a living.

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Take Smarter Risks for Your Small Business

Take Smarter Risks

Risk taking is a part of any business, yet there is a thin line between a smart risk and taking an unwise chance. While some business owners often hear the word “risk” and shrink back, assuming possible loss and danger are imminent, others see a risk as a chance to gain more and making it big. Some risks are just plain stupid because more bad can come from them than good. They are typically obvious ones you should avoid at all costs. Smart risks, on the other hand, have upsides that significantly outweigh the pitfalls. How do you know which is which?

Before you learn how to make a choice about a potential action, you need to understand what constitutes a smart risk for your business. In general, you want to take risks that offer potentially limitless benefits with few downfalls.

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