How to Write a Press Release

Write Press ReleaseBefore Writing a Press Release

Have a purpose in mind: A press release isn’t a catch-all solution to every problem. If you are going to interrupt a journalist’s time to pitch a story, make sure that what you have to tell him or her is worth their time. Plan out what you plan to accomplish with the press release a while before you start working on it. If the press release won’t help you accomplish the goals and objectives of the your company, then writing it serves you no purpose.

Sometimes your purpose will be for search engine optimization purposes. Even if no newspapers run your story, by posting it on your organization’s online newsroom, you could do a lot to increase your visibility on search engines. People Googling your company may be able to find your press release.

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Awesome Blog Posts Vol. 1 – Gary Vaynerchuk, Guest Blogging, SEO, Google +1 Button

Awesome Blog Posts

Coach John :)

Awesome blog posts is launching today. Traffic has been increasing dramatically on my blog so I apologize if it’s loading a little slow.  I’m currently having my team migrate the site to a dedicated server. I can’t wait to have a faster blog.  :lol:

This post starts off a new weekly feature I’m developing. My goal is to share with you some of the awesome blog posts that I’ve come across in the past week.  I’ve chosen to spotlight only a few articles, because I respect your time and I want make sure you are able to read them. Also it will give you some great content to enjoy over the weekend.

Enjoy Volume 1 of Awesome Blog Posts

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How to Direct Traffic to Your Web Site through Search Engine Optimization

How to Direct Traffic to Your Web Site through Search Engine OptimizationWaiting for your turn to cross a road after a traffic jam can indeed be very stressful. However, there is a kind of traffic that gives web site owners something to be happy about. This is what they call web site traffic, wherein the success of the business usually depends on the number of hits or visitors that the web site generates every single day.

To be able to accomplish this, it is critical to determine effective search engine optimization strategies to direct traffic to your web site.

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SEO Tips for Small Businesses

If you operate a small business and want to succeed online then you’ll undoubtedly understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). Appearing in prominent positions within the search engines could be the key to driving your business forward.

SEO Keywords

But you’ll also know that SEO is not without its difficulties.

Larger rivals may have considerable online marketing budgets, with significant sums being spent on SEO each month. This may mean that you look upon SEO as being something that’s almost impossible for small businesses to approach.

Don’t despair! Things are far from impossible. The following tips can help guide you towards a cost-effective approach to SEO.

Learn the basics yourself

Established SEO experts have often gained expertise over the course of many years. Despite this, you’ll find that the basics don’t take too long to learn.

There are many advantages to learning the basics yourself, including the fact that you may be able to cut costs by carrying out some of the work. If you do end up hiring an SEO expert, then you’ll also be in a better position to understand exactly what they’re doing.

Concentrate on the content of your website

Many SEO experts will tell you that the content of your website is vital. If you have a great website, packed full of great information, then you’ll find that it’s much easier for you to get good search engine positions.

So spend some time reading the content of your website. How often have you done that before? Many people don’t find the time to read what’s been written. This won’t simply help your SEO efforts – it will also ensure that you are creating a positive impact when potential customers visit your website.

Avoid the promise of “fast results”

By its very nature, SEO tends to take time. If you see techniques online that suggest that you will see results within a matter of hours or days, then avoid them!

That may sound strange, but the reality is that such techniques will probably involve handing over a lot of money (for minimal results), or may even lead to your website being penalised. It’s simply not worth the risk.

Ask an expert

If you’re really unsure about a particular element of SEO work, then get hold of an expert. It needn’t cost you an enormous amount of money to do this. Most SEO agencies will be able to supply a consultant who can provide you with some assistance.

You may end up paying an hourly rate, but even an hour spent with someone who knows what they’re doing can be of enormous benefit.

Spread the word!

A lot of SEO basically involves telling other people about your website. If you’re proud of your website and your business, then why not tell other people what you are doing?

Take the opportunity to tell friends, family and others about what’s going on. By all means, make use of online tools to do this. Websites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to reach a much greater number of people than might otherwise be possible.

But don’t use social media simply because you think it may have SEO benefits. Use these websites because they allow you to reach out to potential customers. Think of the SEO benefits as being an additional bonus.

There’s no reason why you can’t use SEO to your own advantage. Plenty of other small businesses are successfully doing so!

Who handles your (SEO) search engine optimization?

Leave a comment below..

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5 SEO Tips for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

These are very important SEO tips that every business needs!

SEO Tips

“SEO” is a hot buzz word these days. Everyone from the New York Times (JC Penney, anyone) to NBC’s The Good Wife is referencing it, and not always in good ways. This increases the need for good information. Many small businesses and business owners who are wondering “what’s with this SEO business anyways?” Meaning, what does SEO have to offer me, the small business owner? How can I do this SEO “thing”? Can I do it myself? Why should I pay someone to do SEO for me? How hard can it really be? My answer: not hard, but really hard at the same time.

As an SEO, multiple website owner, and an entrepreneur however, I have learned a few things about SEO that everyone can implement on their site, at least to start. These are some so-called SEO “best practices” that every site should use. If some of these are above your head, I apologize and would be happy to field your questions at

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