6 Biggest Small Business Social Media Time Wasters

Social Media Time WastersSocial media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer a wealth of opportunities to businesses that are willing to take advantage of them. Yet, they also present a significant danger; if your social media strategy isn’t well-defined and efficient, you can spin your wheels trying to make headway in the social media space.

Accordingly, there are some specific types of activities that offer very little return on a huge time investment in social media. Here are some of the biggest social media time wasters you’re likely to encounter: [Read more…]

20 Productivity Tips for Small Business

Productivity Tips for Small Business

Keeping a small business flourishing in a bad economy often proves to be a difficult task. Are you searching for ways to make your business more productive? Being an owner of a small business in this day and time often means working long hours and finding promising solutions to problems that threaten to sink the business.

Listed below are 20 productivity tips that will help keep your small business on top.

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How to Design a Home Office for Your Online Business

Design A Home OfficeSetting Yourself Up For Success

When asked, cite two optimum career situations: working for yourself and to work from home. Because of this, running your own online business can seem like a dream job, but many people overlook the challenges that working at home and working for yourself can present. Despite being essential to its long-term success, proper office setup is an often overlooked aspect to starting a home business. Comfort, organization, and other less obvious factors effect your productivity, but when you’re working from home, there’s no boss to come in and tell you to get back on task. Whether you’re just getting started, or feel like your already established business could use a kick in the pants to reach that next level, consider implementing these key elements to a successful home office.

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5 Time Management Tips to be More Productive

Time Management TipsTime is money and if you manage your time well you’ll make more money. In the business world there are quantitative ways to measure the value of time in a monetary terms, so that when you waste time you are literally wasting money. There are several ways to save time by maximizing efficiency with solid inventory management and making sure you hire qualified workers, but what about each individual worker’s time?

Here are a few time management tips on how to get the most out of each minute.

1. Plan Of Attack

This is not news to anyone that a POA makes accomplishing things easier, but I am amazed at how many people don’t take the steps involved. Write down or outline in your head what you need to do every day. I do mine right before I go to bed, so I don’t stress about anything while trying to fall asleep. Once it’s on paper it’s part of the POA and I can wake up and start chipping away at it without felling frazzled to get things under control in the morning rush.

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The “Lazy” Man’s Way to An Effective Work Day

Effective Work DayThe typical 8 hour business or work day stretches from approximately 8-8:30 or 9am to somewhere between 5 and 6pm. This work day schedule was established around the time of the Industrial Revolution by the unions as an effort to prevent exploitation. Work days previously were between 11 and 16 hours, and for 6 days a week. The change in work schedules to the approximately “9-5” five day a week schedule was ideal at the time. Still, the Industrial Revolution occurred during the 1800s, over two centuries ago. Why are we still using the same working day template?

Surely, our work practices are in need of an overhaul? During the industrial revolution, work was primarily physical. When it comes to manual labour, worker effectiveness doesn’t tend to vary significantly throughout the day provided each worker has sufficient breaks.

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How to Create an Amazing Working Environment

An amazing working environment breeds success!

How to Create an Amazing Working Environment

A good office environment isn’t hard to find. There are plenty of small-scale office work spaces on the market, decked out with modular tables and the standard office chairs. But what if good isn’t quite enough? How do you get from good to awesome?

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