5 Time Management Tips to be More Productive

Time Management TipsTime is money and if you manage your time well you’ll make more money. In the business world there are quantitative ways to measure the value of time in a monetary terms, so that when you waste time you are literally wasting money. There are several ways to save time by maximizing efficiency with solid inventory management and making sure you hire qualified workers, but what about each individual worker’s time?

Here are a few time management tips on how to get the most out of each minute.

1. Plan Of Attack

This is not news to anyone that a POA makes accomplishing things easier, but I am amazed at how many people don’t take the steps involved. Write down or outline in your head what you need to do every day. I do mine right before I go to bed, so I don’t stress about anything while trying to fall asleep. Once it’s on paper it’s part of the POA and I can wake up and start chipping away at it without felling frazzled to get things under control in the morning rush.

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The Entrepreneur’s Guidebook – 26 Resources for Entrepreneurs

Resources for EntrepreneursIt’s normal for entrepreneurs to feel overwhelmed, inquisitive, and downright lost. The good news is there are many resources out there for entrepreneurs. So, if you want to gain confidence and become the entrepreneur that you know you can be, check out this must have list of resources for entrepreneurs:

The Top Ten Mistakes People Make When Starting a Business – A great site to visit in order to avoid making common mistakes.

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5 Ways Being Overconfident Will Make You Rich

Being OverconfidentThere is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. In fact, as gratifying as confidence is, it’s almost impossible not to cross that line. It’s as if the border between confidence and conceit is at the foot of a mountain, and here you are a snowball rolling downhill. Or perhaps confidence and humility itself is nothing more than well concealed pomposity. Either way, there is no question that belief in oneself is one of the foundations for success. Moreover, the relationship between the two seems to be reciprocal. In fact, the most successful, richest individuals in the world also happen to be the most exaggerated about their own self-worth.

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Maximize Your Potential and Lead The Field

When you lead the field, you’ll make more money !!

Maximize Your Potential and Lead The Field

You are only limited by the scope of your vision. The broader your view, the wider your prospects will be. One of the great gurus of the self improvement marketplace, Earl Nightingale, maintains that that it is our own personal attitude that actually shapes your life. Whether you succeed or fail, the roots of the result come from within you.

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5 Traits that All Successful People Have

successful people



Do you ever wonder what successful people do every day? What they think about? How they are able to make so much money while others struggle to pay their bills? The fact is, successful people think differently than the general population. They have learned that in order to create their own destiny, they must do certain things every day.

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Tips to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Conquering your fear of public speaking may be a common source of stress for some people. You may want to avoid it all together, but this will be hard to do. If you work alone or with a large group of people, eventually you will have to speak in public to accomplish certain tasks. If you are interested in being a leader or doing something meaningful in life, you will have to get over your fear of public speaking.Public Speaking - President Barack Obama

1- Conduct Research

One tip to conquer your fear of public speaking is to contact some of the participants you are presenting to and ask them what they expect from your presentation. You may also find out what is their previous knowledge on that particular topic. These types of conversations can entrust people to be your allies during your presentation and it helps you to deliver exactly what your audience desires.

2 – Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact with your audience throughout your presentation can be very powerful in many ways. It can help you get over your fear of speaking in public as it shows that you are confident in what you are presenting. Throughout the speech, you can switch your focus to different individuals and try not to focus on the same person the entire time. This may cause some of the audience to feel left out.

3 – Rehearse

Practicing your speech may also help you get over the anxiety you have of speaking in public. Meet with a group of your friends beforehand and ask for their comments on what you have to say and any ideas on how you can improve. It is also good if you practice in the same room in which you will be delivering your speech, as it allows you to become familiar with your surroundings.

4 – Adjust Your Tone

When speaking on certain points you may want to stress their importance. If you vary the tone you use, this can be achieved as people would realize what is being emphasized. This can also help you to keep your presentation memorable and interesting. Once you have the interest of your audience, this should decrease your level of nervousness when speaking in a public forum.

5 – Prepare

The key to delivering a good public speech is to be prepared. You will have to write a speech or even an outline of the points you will need to speak on. It is recommended that you deliver your speech conversationally rather than with a script.  You will be less nervous in delivering your public speech and chances are you will keep the crowd more engaged. Scripts tend to be monotonous and the points can be lost in all the words you have written.

Public speaking is a necessary component for anyone who holds some form of responsibility. It is important for you to know how to deliver yourself and your speech in a way that will keep the audience engaged. The clarity of what you are saying is also important as the points of the lecture should be stressed so your audience can hear and understand what you are trying to say.

Will these tips help you in your next public speaking presentation? Leave your comments below..

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