The Ultimate Guide To Big Business E-Commerce

The Ultimate Guide To Big Business Ecommerce

People often see opening an e-commerce store as an easy way to quickly build an asset, make some money and stake their claim in the brave new world of internet empowerment. Of course it isn’t quite that easy, but it remains true that e-commerce stores can indeed be a great business opportunity – provided you do it in the correct way. Here are some tips:

How to evaluate opening an e-commerce store?

1. Niche down – Because of the intense competition, concentrate on niche selling. This means focusing on just one of a very few of the best cases such as Kindle Fire rather than spreading an interest over a raft of products like iPad, Kindle, Galaxy and other accessories.

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7 Simple Marketing Strategies for your Business Success

7 Simple Marketing Strategies for your Business Success

If you are the owner of a small business, you probably don’t have much to spend on marketing. However, it is a fact that many small businesses fail to take advantage of the opportunities that exist for marketing their businesses in simple ways that cost nothing or little to implement.

There are several things you can do to take advantage of existing contact points with customers and prospects that will be beneficial in promoting your business, services and products. These methods include the following:

7 Simple Marketing Strategies

1. Business Cards

With very little money, you can make simple cards that promote your business. Interestingly, many businesses don’t use this great method of promoting their business, special offers or products. When ordering business cards, consider how you can utilize the space effectively. For instance, a business card should include the website address which one can use to access free information, resources, product demos and tools. You could also include a coupon in your business card as an incentive.

2. Invoices

Do you send out invoices electronically or in print? Invoices are ideal for promoting a brand, service or product. They also give you an opportunity to thank your customers and inform them about other things that you offer. An effective message for your invoice could be, “Thank you for doing business with us. For more information about our products, call……..”. This message can enhance awareness and get your customers attention.

3. Emails

Nothing in marketing is as effective as a list of customer emails. The customers who volunteer their email addresses are interested in hearing from you. Do your best to motivate customers to offer their email addresses. You could provide a small incentive such as a branded pen or free information. Once you build an email list, communicate with your customers regularly and seek more business from them. If customers are satisfied, they are likely to spread word about you, thus growing your customer base.

4. Thank you notes

When you make a sale, insert a brief thank you note offering your gratitude and desire to do long term business with the customer. You could also enclose your latest flier or catalog. This will go a long way in demonstrating your appreciation for your customer and expressing interest in establishing a long term relationship.

5. Online coupons or offers

When you are offering a particular product or service, you should have information concerning it on your site. In addition, offer your prospective customers an incentive. When visitors to your website take an interest in your service or product, offering an incentive can drive significant response rates. This is a strategy that I have used in my diet blog to promote Nutrisystem discounts and Medifast coupons.

6. Free samples

Giving free samples is a very effective marketing strategy. Even when you are offering a service, you could provide a way of prospective buyers to try out your service at no cost. This can lead to more trials and conversions.

7. Encourage referrals

Small businesses which take advantage of the power of referrals enjoy strong growth. When others suggest your services or products, it’s like having your own sales team. Referrals are powerful because the prospective customer is being urged to buy from an already existing associate, customer, influencer or expert.

How will these simple marketing strategies help your business success?

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4 Tips for Using Content to Drive Long-Tail Traffic to Your E-commerce Store

If you want to drive traffic to your e-commerce store, you have to be visible on the search engines.  And if you want to be visible on the search engines, you have to focus on quality content.  Publishing useful, informative, properly optimized content is the best way to show the search engines that you’re an authority – and that you need to be front and center in their search results.Long Tail Keywords

OK, so that makes sense.

But, how exactly do you do it?

Follow these 4 tips:

1. Make your product descriptions different

Let’s face it – most of the content on e-commerce store websites comes in the form of product descriptions.  Make sure yours aren’t just copied and pasted right from the manufacturer.  After all, those same descriptions can wind up on hundreds of different e-commerce websites!  You don’t want your website to wind up in the supplemental index because it’s chock full of carbon-copy content.

Instead, use your manufacturers’ product descriptions as a guide, and rewrite them.  That way, you can include all the information your customers need – without having the same exact thing as everyone else.

If you have an integrated CMS, easy with products like VirtueMart which is an ecommerce add on to the Joomla CMS, then you can easily add lots of extra content about how to use products, guides, etc.

2.  Add more content

The search engines like it when pages have at least 300-500 words on them – as long as it’s informative content.  If the product descriptions you have seem a little thin, add to them.  After all, you should know enough about your products to go into more detail about them!

And, your customers will like the extra content, too.  After all, a product description that’s only a few sentences long doesn’t really give them an accurate picture of what the product is all about.  If you want people to hit the buy button, you need to let them know exactly what they can expect when your product arrives.

3.  Start a blog

The search engines love blogs, because it means that sites are routinely being updated with fresh content.  And, the more the search engines love your site, the higher you are going to rank – which means the more people that are going to visit your site.

Plus, a blog is a great way to let people know more about your brand.  And, if people know that it’s going to be updated on a regular basis, it can turn into a go-to source for information – and even give you repeat business!

4.  Incorporate your on-site content into your off-site marketing strategy

Promote your content, so that the entire world can see it!  Start up a Facebook page or a Twitter page that shows off your latest additions.  That way, your content will pop up right in people’s newsfeeds.

Are you creating quality content for your website? Leave a comment below..

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