Are you Making these 7 Deadly Email Mistakes

Here’s what you need to do to avoid making making email mistakes!

Deadly Email Mistakes

MISTAKE #1: Your email messages are filled with spam-triggers and you’re blissfully unaware.

Even including one or two tiny “innocent” spam-triggers can make a huge difference between delivered emails and dumped emails. Blindly sending your email messages out without first checking the content for spam filters is a deadly mistake and money down the drain!

SOLUTION #1: Run your content through a professional content checker every single time!

Do this 100% of the time and you’ll dramatically increase your delivery rate. I also strongly suggest you send a test message to yourself first. Most good hosting companies provide a spam filter on your server. And, of course, start to familiarize yourself with the most common spam trigger words and phrases. For example, putting “FREE,” or any variation, in the subject line is a big no-no. Suggested content checker:

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