How Infographics Can Increase The Traffic On Your Blog

A good infographic is a means of giving readers a general overview of a subject that can then be converted into social currency in the form of talking points, sharing, tweets and Likes. An infographic should mix text, data and images in order to create one single message. A message that is considerably stronger than it would otherwise be if it had have been left to text, data or images alone. A good infographic can therefore consist of anything from graphs, charts, maps and diagrams to pictures, symbols and designs. A life insurance infographic may well consist of a graph showing longevity expectations of various age groups along with a photo of a baby and an aged person with a block of text pulling both together.

A successful infographic should be eye catching, even beautiful to the extent it can be adored with its mix of colours and shapes.

It should be able to be identified with one glance and the viewer drawn to looking closer so that he or she can’t help but interact with it. It should be like a good headline. One that makes you read on until you become impatient in wanting to share the new found knowledge with a friend. Likewise a good infographic should make you want to place it in an email and distribute it around your social network.

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