6 Biggest Small Business Social Media Time Wasters

Social Media Time WastersSocial media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer a wealth of opportunities to businesses that are willing to take advantage of them. Yet, they also present a significant danger; if your social media strategy isn’t well-defined and efficient, you can spin your wheels trying to make headway in the social media space.

Accordingly, there are some specific types of activities that offer very little return on a huge time investment in social media. Here are some of the biggest social media time wasters you’re likely to encounter: [Read more…]

How Not to Act In a Facebook Group

With all the misleading Facebook training programs online, do you now how not to act in a Facebook group?


Hello everyone, my name is Devon Dudeman. John has been kind enough to allow me to be his guest here at Learn About. Today, I’d like to talk to you all about Social Media Marketing, or more specifically, Facebook marketing.

I don’t have to tell you this, or maybe I do… but social media is not going away. In fact, it is getting bigger and bigger. What does that mean for us? It means we must make a committed effort to utilize social media in the best way possible.

I believe that is already an active theme among the members of this community, but I must reinforce it nonetheless. Regardless, I will only be talking about Facebook Groups today, and how we must conduct ourselves while using this utility.

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Top 5 Facebook Strategies for Travel and Tourism Brands

If you like these Facebook strategies your brand will travel far!

Facebook StrategiesFacebook has become a tool that many businesses, including those in the travel industry, use to market to potential customers. Different types of companies in the travel industry, including airlines, hotels and car rental companies, often create Facebook pages because they hope to be able to sell their services to people using the social media website. Businesses in the travel industry cannot expect to attract Internet users by putting together lackluster Facebook pages that merely give information about their companies. To be successful at getting people to go to their pages, travel and tourism companies need to create pages that stand out and offer customers something, especially if they want people to keep coming back to their pages.

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5 Facebook Tools For Your Website

Learn how these 5 Facebook tools will help improve your website

5 Facebook Tools For Your Website

All webmasters know that it is important to take advantage of social media sites to promote site and content.  I am sure that you know that. Facebook is one of the social networking sites that can provide you tons of traffic solutions to your site.

If you are not considering Facebook as a helpful tool, you are probably out of your mind.

Maybe you belong to a different genre or era. Anyhow, I strongly urge you to use that site and the tools that they offer.  Why?  The reason is that you can reach a wide demographic through this platform.

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The Importance of Facebook Advertising & Managing Your Online Presence

How is Facebook advertising important for your business?

Facebook Advertising

In this technological era, a social media campaign is an absolute necessity for any endeavor. These days, it is not enough to have just a website. In order to elevate or maintain a company’s profile, businesses are expected to have a Facebook page, maintain a Twitter feed, and be rated on consumer review sites like Yelp.

Facebook advertising, Twitter feeds, and managing your reputation on consumer review sites all fall under the umbrella of social media optimization and can demand considerable time, effort, and in many cases professional guidance, in order for them to be effective.

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5 Ways to Engage Your Fans and Build an Active Community on Facebook

Engage Your Facebook FansFacebook can be a powerful tool to help you grow your business and build an active community of raving fans and customers. But how do you get from 5 Likes on your Page and no interaction with your fans to hundreds or even thousands of fans and lots of comments and engagement with the content you’re putting out there?

While it won’t happen overnight, there are some key pieces that you can start putting into place today to start building your community on Facebook. You can attract your ideal customers and turn them into raving fans.

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Five Awesome Tips for Facebook Statuses

There has always been a bit of a downside to Facebook, and that is the lack ofFacebook status tricks customization. You can’t really pimp out your profile in the way you could other social media sites, such as the barely functioning (but still  very sparkly) Myspace. Though that seems to be the usual case with anything that could be dubbed as a real-time updating platform. Twitter is certainly the same way, and in fact looks a lot more rough than Zuckerberg’s social phenomenon.

But just because you can’t add endless annoying graphics and tons of music players with attached videos to an already cluttered profile, doesn’t mean you can’t personalize it a bit. Your greatest resources is your Facebook status, which you can manipulate in a number of fun little ways. Here are five cool tips to help you to make the most of your status updates.


Symbols and Emoticons

Facebook has always limited the number of symbols that are compatible with chat and status messages.  But they did provide a list of 20 symbols that could be inserted, including smileys, a heart, and a few other choices. A few of them have codes that can be made with different keys. But others can be copy/pasted where you want them.

See the list here.

Hide Your Status From Friends

Facebook status updates

Sometimes there is something you want to say that just isn’t welcome to everyone. This is especially true now that parents, grandparents, teachers and coworkers have broken the unwritten rules of Facebook and added us to their lists. This is enough to make anyone nervous, and can cause some tension when we happen to say something we wished someone hadn’t seen.

But you can actually hide your status from certain people. All you have to do is click on the lock that appears under the box when you begin to update your status. It will bring up the options, including “Hide This From…”. From there, you can select the people you don’t want to see your message. Sneaky? Yes. Awesome?  Absolutely.

Tagging Friends

Facebook status

Have something to say to or about your buddy? Maybe you are quoting them? Whatever the case, you can tag your friends in your status updates. This will give an active link to their profile in your comment, as well as add a copy onto their page for people to see.

It’s easy: just put in @ before beginning to type their name. A selection box will appear beneath, and from there you will be able to scroll down and select the right person. Click on the name and they will appear in the status wit an active link. Post the rest as you normally would, and you’re done!

Post Later

Ever wish you had a timer to put your status up? Especially if you are running a fan or business page? For those marketers out there, or just those who like to be precise with their timing, there is LaterBro.com. It is an application that works on both Facebook and Twitter, and allows you to work it by signing in as a third party app from your profile. This means no registration, though it does share your profile details.

Profile Redirect Trick

Do you like playing the old bait and switch? If so, there is one trick you can’t miss. There is a standard URL code that will take whoever clicks it to their own profile. The URL is “http://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363”, and if you click it now you will find yourself directed to your own page.

You can use this for some fun antic when tricking your friends. For example, you could post it with a status message like: “Oh God, I can’t believe this guy…what a nerd! http://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363.” If you have unclicked the preview box before posting, your unsuspecting friends will click the link and BAM! They are staring at their own face. Classic!

Small Business Marketing Through Facebook

Even small businesses need to formulate marketing plans, and with the advent of the social media, it is important to cash in on the opportunities presented by social media sites like Facebook. A popular misconception about Facebook is that it benefits only big names and large businesses. Nothing could be farther from the truth, since Facebook is an excellent marketing tool for businesses irrespective of size.

Facebook is at present, the largest social media networking site with more than half a billion members, of which at least half, log in on a daily basis. Official figures released by Facebook reveal that on an average a Facebook user is connected to at least 80 community pages, events and groups and each user creates 90 pieces of web content every single month. In any given month, 30 billion pieces of content are shared by members which include web links, pictures, blog posts, photo albums and notes.

These impressive figures show the reach of Facebook and the potential it can unleash, for your small business. Thus it is by far the best place to start on your social media marketing campaign. With its large clientele, it is will not take long to establish a trustworthy reputation and build good will. A simple addition of a Facebook business page will help to connect with customers on a personal level and be accessible to them, answering queries, removing doubts and resolving issues for them. Above all, Facebook will help to increase the net visibility of your business since it will appear in the Facebook search results. A Facebook page must look aesthetically appealing and tempt visitors to read all the information provided. This may take some amount of time, but the results will show that it was time well spent.

Steps to get started on Facebook

1. Create an attractive Facebook page- The first step for making an appearance on Facebook is to have an attractive Facebook business page. It may sound complicated, but it is actually quite easy, since it requires nothing more than going to the Facebook advertising page, creating new business page and entering the required information about the business. A customized landing page may require the services of a consultant, but otherwise a simple page takes less than a day. The business page can then be uploaded with content like images, video clippings, blog posts and press releases. It is important to provide accurate contact information and also who the page is meant for.

2. Start using your Facebook page to interact and update- Once the page is ready, it is time to start posting bits of news, updates, pictures, and reaching out to friends, so that they “like” your page and share it with their friends. This is how a chain reaction will begin and your business page will spread. Interesting blogs will help to develop a loyal clientele, and people will evince interest gradually. This will reflect in questions asked, which must be answered promptly and the answer must be satisfying.

3. Promoting your Facebook page- A concerted effort has to be made to promote your page, since more and more people need to know that your page exists. The page link can be passed on to business associates, friends and acquaintances. Links can also be pasted in newsletters, advertisements placed in Yellow pages and other media.

Facebook can help to spread word about your business across borders and that too at a very fast pace. Its potential needs to be tapped and using it in a planned manner will yield rich results.

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How to Use Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to Market Your Business

So you run your own business and you’ve successfully got your website up and running. You’ve tweaked the content for SEO and you’ve started working on back links to improve your site ranking. What else can you do to improve your online presence? The next step you need to take is to explore that brave new world of social networking and use Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to market your business and find new clients. In this article we’ll look at a couple of ways to get the best out of these tools.

facebook for businessFacebook:
In the last few years businesses have woken up to the advantages of using Facebook to interact with their customers and contributing to an online community to increase brand awareness, without overtly broadcasting promotional advertising. The first step obviously is to create a Facebook Fan Page in order to connect with communities, clients and potential customers. To do this the page needs to be socially active and offer enough to recruit new fans. This can be done by constantly creating fresh content, posting updates and promotions as well as new photos and by hosting events online. Add links to your business blog on your Facebook page, accept all friends requests and reach out yourself to everyone you know from friends, family, acquaintances and people you meet at business events.

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How to Use Facebook For Business: A Complete Guide From A to Z (Part 2)

In my previous article (How to Use Facebook for Business, part 1), I addressed some of my clients’ concerns with regard to using Facebook for business. I discussed how Facebook and business can go together and produce positive results. I also detailed how to set up a Facebook profile. In this article, I will detail how to make a Facebook page for business and share some handy Facebook applications that you may find useful for your business.

How To Make a Facebook Page for Business

Setting up Facebook for business page is easy. Just proceed with your Facebook login and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Then click on “Advertising” or by following this link: http://facebook.com/business. That will bring up a page with the blue links one of which is called “Pages.” Click on Pages, and then click on the green “Create a Page” box on the right of the screen. You can now start filling this information in to create and customize your Facebook for business page.

After you create your business page, Facebook will automatically add an application called the “Page Manager” which should be located on the top and left side of your log. Again choose Facebook Pages, and then choose the best category for your business. Click this link to load your Facebook business page where you can then edit and add to the existing content.

It is important that you choose the name of your Facebook business page carefully because the page name will become your key word search terms, and is the only text that is used in a Facebook search on a page. Once your Facebook for business page is in place, you can add applications that help to enhance how you represent your company in your own unique way. To find Facebook applications, click on “Applications” in the upper left corner of your page, or search for them at this link: http://facebook.com/apps. Facebook applications are fairly easy to install and to set up. If you have difficulty with any one application, please note that there is often more than one application available to accomplish the same task.

Facebook Applications for Business

Facebook apps

Simply RSS: This allows you to display up to eight RSS feeds on your Facebook page for business and display the feeds from your business’s main site and newsrooms.

Upcoming: Add all of your events to upcoming.org, and you can easily display them on your Facebook business profile page with Upcoming’s Facebook application.

My Flickr: Display photos from your Flickr account using this application. These photos can include logos, product photos, photos from events, etc. to add more identity on your Facebook for business.

Posted Items Pro: Optimize your Facebook for business with this app that allows you to embed multiple YouTube, Yahoo, and Google Videos, music mp3s, sites, files, and more onto your profile and Facebook pages. You can add any variety of these elements, making it great for a media center or press section.

Twitter APP: If you have a Twitter account, this application will automatically pull your tweets into your Facebook status, and it automatically installs a Twitter-themed icon letting all you friends on Facebook know that you are on Twitter. It also saves you time in updating and ensures that you have some profile activity to keep you relevant. If you are not on Twitter yet, you can add this at any time to complement Facebook and business that you are promoting.

By implementing these Facebook applications you will be creating an interactive page that gives visitors a more complete understanding of your business.

Make the Time to Stay Relevant

How to Use Facebook For Business: A Complete Guide From A to Z (Part 2)

ocial networking will take time and effort for businesses to fully benefit from it; however, this time and effort, if done consistently and in a planned, thoughtful manner, will be time well spent.

In order to stay relevant on Facebook, you need to continually update your Page and use the site. If you do not have the time needed to do this consistently, then I would suggest you hire a copywriter or social media consultant to help. The more actions you take to use Facebook for business, the more you appear in a fan’s News Feed. This keeps you in their mind, and in their friend’s feeds when they interact with you. But updating content will do more than keep you on the News Feed; it will also help make your Facebook Page one that people will return to by offering fans an incentive to continue to read your content and return to your page. There are many ways to do this such as providing exclusive content, special promotional pricing, exclusive contests, product previews, or privileged access to company events.

I hope this information has been helpful to you in getting started in using Facebook for business. Make no mistake about it; social networking is not a passing fad. Facebook and other social networking sites are here to stay. So regardless of whether you make use of all the social networks, you cannot discount the recent research indicating that customers are increasingly going online to gather company and product information, compare prices, and place orders. As with any new technology, social networking will take time and effort for businesses to fully benefit from it; however, it is my belief that this time and effort, if done consistently and in a planned, thoughtful manner, will be time well spent. Facebook and business can indeed work together.