5 Ways to Engage Your Fans and Build an Active Community on Facebook

Engage Your Facebook FansFacebook can be a powerful tool to help you grow your business and build an active community of raving fans and customers. But how do you get from 5 Likes on your Page and no interaction with your fans to hundreds or even thousands of fans and lots of comments and engagement with the content you’re putting out there?

While it won’t happen overnight, there are some key pieces that you can start putting into place today to start building your community on Facebook. You can attract your ideal customers and turn them into raving fans.

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5 Great Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Media

Businesses have been increasingly using Social Media to promote their products and services.

Social Media Marketing

Rather than spending so much money on advertisements through search engines, they are using the benefits of Social Media to gain more hits to their website and potentially more customers. This ultimately leads to an increase in revenue and overall success of the business. However, in order to get this kind of result for your business, you should know the best ways to promote your business using Social Media.

1. Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the leading social networking site and has brought Social Media to a whole new level. The wonderful thing about Facebook is that they have a special advertising feature that targets ads to specific audiences. If your business only relates to people ages 18 to 24, you can target your ads to only that age group. This goes for any kind of audience specification you have. Facebook has over 500 million users, so you are bound to reach a lot of people this way.

2. Create a Facebook Group

Having a Facebook group is a great way to really promote your services or products. When a customer enjoys your services and becomes a member of your business’s group, they can leave positive comments on the group page. This can only help your business. You can also send a mass message to every member of the group to let them know about discounts, sales that are going on, and newly released products.

3. Create Facebook Notes

Facebook has a feature where you can create a note and tag people in it. You can choose exactly who you would like to tag in the note and it will then show up on their Facebook wall. This is a great way to promote your business when you have something lengthy to say, when you want to target the note to certain people, such as previous customers, or when you want people to be able to comment on what you have to say.

4. Create a Twitter Account

Twitter has also become a popular social networking site and is used by nearly every established business. On Twitter, you can update your status by letting people know about your special services, updates about your business, current sales and discounts, and anything else you’d like to promote. Those who are following you on Twitter will see your updates on their page. If you keep your account public, anyone who comes across your account will be able to see your updates.

5. Add a Blog to Your Website

Your business website should look professional, but you should also be able to interact with your customers on a more personal level. Using Social Media in the form of a blog can make this possible. When you have a product or service you would like to promote, create a blog post about it. This allows new and existing customers to comment on it and give you feedback right on your website.

The use of Social Media is becoming one of the best ways to promote a business in today’s world. So many people use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter that your business may be at a disadvantage if you don’t use it. With these 5 great ways to promote your business on Social Media, you could be on your way to bringing back a substantial amount of revenue for your business.

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Small Business Marketing Through Facebook

Even small businesses need to formulate marketing plans, and with the advent of the social media, it is important to cash in on the opportunities presented by social media sites like Facebook. A popular misconception about Facebook is that it benefits only big names and large businesses. Nothing could be farther from the truth, since Facebook is an excellent marketing tool for businesses irrespective of size.

Facebook is at present, the largest social media networking site with more than half a billion members, of which at least half, log in on a daily basis. Official figures released by Facebook reveal that on an average a Facebook user is connected to at least 80 community pages, events and groups and each user creates 90 pieces of web content every single month. In any given month, 30 billion pieces of content are shared by members which include web links, pictures, blog posts, photo albums and notes.

These impressive figures show the reach of Facebook and the potential it can unleash, for your small business. Thus it is by far the best place to start on your social media marketing campaign. With its large clientele, it is will not take long to establish a trustworthy reputation and build good will. A simple addition of a Facebook business page will help to connect with customers on a personal level and be accessible to them, answering queries, removing doubts and resolving issues for them. Above all, Facebook will help to increase the net visibility of your business since it will appear in the Facebook search results. A Facebook page must look aesthetically appealing and tempt visitors to read all the information provided. This may take some amount of time, but the results will show that it was time well spent.

Steps to get started on Facebook

1. Create an attractive Facebook page- The first step for making an appearance on Facebook is to have an attractive Facebook business page. It may sound complicated, but it is actually quite easy, since it requires nothing more than going to the Facebook advertising page, creating new business page and entering the required information about the business. A customized landing page may require the services of a consultant, but otherwise a simple page takes less than a day. The business page can then be uploaded with content like images, video clippings, blog posts and press releases. It is important to provide accurate contact information and also who the page is meant for.

2. Start using your Facebook page to interact and update- Once the page is ready, it is time to start posting bits of news, updates, pictures, and reaching out to friends, so that they “like” your page and share it with their friends. This is how a chain reaction will begin and your business page will spread. Interesting blogs will help to develop a loyal clientele, and people will evince interest gradually. This will reflect in questions asked, which must be answered promptly and the answer must be satisfying.

3. Promoting your Facebook page- A concerted effort has to be made to promote your page, since more and more people need to know that your page exists. The page link can be passed on to business associates, friends and acquaintances. Links can also be pasted in newsletters, advertisements placed in Yellow pages and other media.

Facebook can help to spread word about your business across borders and that too at a very fast pace. Its potential needs to be tapped and using it in a planned manner will yield rich results.

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How and When Should Market your Business on Facebook to Increase Sales

In this post will look at the real numbers behind the colossal rise of Facebook and focus on how and when you should market your business on Facebook to develop new customers and increase sales.

You may have already had the chance to read the two great articles we posted on our blog about Facebook for business. Those articles will help give you a better understanding of how you can use Facebook for business, so I encourage you to go back and read them after you read this post.  The first article “The Top 10 Social Media Laws of Facebook” was written by Doug Firebaugh while the second article was written by Wayne Kessler titled “How to use Facebook for Your Business: A Complete Guide from A to Z.

Take a look at the info graphic below and will then look at how you can use all this data to more effectively target your audience and get your message across to the 500+ million registered Facebook users.

Putting you business on Facebook will allow you reach a whole new audience

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How to Use Facebook For Business: A Complete Guide From A to Z (Part 2)

In my previous article (How to Use Facebook for Business, part 1), I addressed some of my clients’ concerns with regard to using Facebook for business. I discussed how Facebook and business can go together and produce positive results. I also detailed how to set up a Facebook profile. In this article, I will detail how to make a Facebook page for business and share some handy Facebook applications that you may find useful for your business.

How To Make a Facebook Page for Business

Setting up Facebook for business page is easy. Just proceed with your Facebook login and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Then click on “Advertising” or by following this link: http://facebook.com/business. That will bring up a page with the blue links one of which is called “Pages.” Click on Pages, and then click on the green “Create a Page” box on the right of the screen. You can now start filling this information in to create and customize your Facebook for business page.

After you create your business page, Facebook will automatically add an application called the “Page Manager” which should be located on the top and left side of your log. Again choose Facebook Pages, and then choose the best category for your business. Click this link to load your Facebook business page where you can then edit and add to the existing content.

It is important that you choose the name of your Facebook business page carefully because the page name will become your key word search terms, and is the only text that is used in a Facebook search on a page. Once your Facebook for business page is in place, you can add applications that help to enhance how you represent your company in your own unique way. To find Facebook applications, click on “Applications” in the upper left corner of your page, or search for them at this link: http://facebook.com/apps. Facebook applications are fairly easy to install and to set up. If you have difficulty with any one application, please note that there is often more than one application available to accomplish the same task.

Facebook Applications for Business

Facebook apps

Simply RSS: This allows you to display up to eight RSS feeds on your Facebook page for business and display the feeds from your business’s main site and newsrooms.

Upcoming: Add all of your events to upcoming.org, and you can easily display them on your Facebook business profile page with Upcoming’s Facebook application.

My Flickr: Display photos from your Flickr account using this application. These photos can include logos, product photos, photos from events, etc. to add more identity on your Facebook for business.

Posted Items Pro: Optimize your Facebook for business with this app that allows you to embed multiple YouTube, Yahoo, and Google Videos, music mp3s, sites, files, and more onto your profile and Facebook pages. You can add any variety of these elements, making it great for a media center or press section.

Twitter APP: If you have a Twitter account, this application will automatically pull your tweets into your Facebook status, and it automatically installs a Twitter-themed icon letting all you friends on Facebook know that you are on Twitter. It also saves you time in updating and ensures that you have some profile activity to keep you relevant. If you are not on Twitter yet, you can add this at any time to complement Facebook and business that you are promoting.

By implementing these Facebook applications you will be creating an interactive page that gives visitors a more complete understanding of your business.

Make the Time to Stay Relevant

How to Use Facebook For Business: A Complete Guide From A to Z (Part 2)

ocial networking will take time and effort for businesses to fully benefit from it; however, this time and effort, if done consistently and in a planned, thoughtful manner, will be time well spent.

In order to stay relevant on Facebook, you need to continually update your Page and use the site. If you do not have the time needed to do this consistently, then I would suggest you hire a copywriter or social media consultant to help. The more actions you take to use Facebook for business, the more you appear in a fan’s News Feed. This keeps you in their mind, and in their friend’s feeds when they interact with you. But updating content will do more than keep you on the News Feed; it will also help make your Facebook Page one that people will return to by offering fans an incentive to continue to read your content and return to your page. There are many ways to do this such as providing exclusive content, special promotional pricing, exclusive contests, product previews, or privileged access to company events.

I hope this information has been helpful to you in getting started in using Facebook for business. Make no mistake about it; social networking is not a passing fad. Facebook and other social networking sites are here to stay. So regardless of whether you make use of all the social networks, you cannot discount the recent research indicating that customers are increasingly going online to gather company and product information, compare prices, and place orders. As with any new technology, social networking will take time and effort for businesses to fully benefit from it; however, it is my belief that this time and effort, if done consistently and in a planned, thoughtful manner, will be time well spent. Facebook and business can indeed work together.

The 10 Social Media Laws of Facebook

laws of facebookWhere have YOU been?

Unless you have lived in a cave the last 4 years, you have probably heard of this. It is a rocking hot social networking site that seems to be almost everywhere today. It is on the news. It is on the radio. It is on the minds of millions of folks a day.

It is called “Facebook” and over 175 million people are active on this site. What’s great is that you can market your business on Facebook.

Ok, I know that you may be asking,” A LAW about Facebook?” Yes, 10 of them for marketing and business success in what you do. I am a marketer and have been for 20 years. I built a training and consulting business that does business in over 20 countries, because of social media and the Internet. And there are marketing laws that all marketers and business professionals must follow if they are going to have Success in the marketplace online.

It is the same for Facebook.

Lets cover them briefly:

1) The Law of Visibility on Facebook.

You MUST be visible on Facebook if you are going to get your message out. or have your business on Facebook. You must spend time on Facebook and get to know people. You must put yourself together a “Facebook blueprint” and work it. How many hours a week are you going to be seen on FB? How many times are you going to befriend someone this week? How many times are you going to upload photos this week? Or eventually market your business on Facebook? All of these things put you in the ‘Visibility Zone” on Facebook, and on the radar as far as people on Facebook. Be SEEN and be THERE on a daily basis.

2) The Law of the Powerful Facebook Profile.

Why would people want to get to know you? One of the first things they check out is your Facebook profile. What does it say – but better yet – what does it DO? Does it make people curious and want to get to know you? Does it make them think? Does it make them smile? Does it make them see that you have Value for their life and can help change it? Can your profile effectively refer contacts to your business on Facebook?

Powerful Facebook profiles are NOT based on what is said in your profile – but what it DOES.

Does it direct them to DO something? Does it tell them you are person they MUST know? Or someone that has a nice picture and a nice profile – with no magnetism?  Put yourself OUT THERE and tell the world WHY they need you as a friend, and get them to take action towards YOU. Your profile is the link to your business on Facebook.

3) The Law of the Facebook WALL.

You MUST use your Wall to market or message. Many folks regard their Wall as a communication utility like email. It is not that. You already have a Facebook email. The Wall is for you to BUILD – BRICK BY BRICK – MESSAGE BY MESSAGE- NOTE BY NOTE – VIDEO BY VIDEO – your business on Facebook. Every time something happens with you – it goes on your Wall. Don’t stare at the wall – CLIMB THE SUCKER and make your message the PEAK of the page – and keep yourself out there with the Wall. Answer the messages on your Wall. Thank people for sharing with you their visit or message. This will show up on THEIR wall. This will set you apart from most on Facebook. The Wall is simply a BILLBOARD of what you and your friends are doing, as well as your business on Facebook. Use it often and wisely.

4) The Law of Your Facebook Network.

You are part of a local Facebook network and you have access to that network to befriend them. I live in Birmingham, Michigan, and the network I am a part of is the Detroit network. There are 640,926 people in my network that I could potentially MEET LIVE in a local place and get to know them and connect with them. You have local folks as well. Where do you find your network?

Click on “settings” and then click on “network.” You will find it there. This is a GOLD MINE of people in your local area to CONNECT and Construct new trust bridges that may lead to successful business on Facebook down the road.

5) The Law of the Facebook Notifications.

This is an overlooked and rarely talked about utility. Notifications are part of your “Facebook email system.” Go to “email” at the top of your Facebook profile page, and then click on “notifications.” This is list of who are thinking about you, talking about you, including you in tags, and generally is pointing to you. This is a GOLD MINE of people that have PROVEN they are behind you and willing to make you a part of their Facebook experience, even support your business on Facebook. Pay attention to the Facebook notifications. Thank them for their thoughts of you on their Wall and let them know you appreciate it. Include them as well on your tags and other activity or business on Facebook. The notifications are GOLD and is a prospecting Vault of Leads for your business on Facebook. And make sure you stay CONNECTED to them.

6) The Law of Facebook Link Love.

The Link application on Facebook is a HOT commodity. It allows you to post a link that you like and then send it out on the news feed that is on your home page. It picks up the image that you want on the link page, and allows it to be a LIVE link. Send out other people’s LINK and give them some LOVE. Do NOT just send out the links of your business on Facebook. Let others do that. Find interesting links of others and send them out.

WHY? EXPOSURE for you. You will be given credit for the link. People LOVE link love. If you send out a LOT of other people’s links on Facebook, they will start sending out YOUR links. Been there done that.

7) The Law of Facebook Groups.

Join groups. Join a LOT of Groups. Start your OWN groups. The join MORE groups. Why? Here are a few reasons: EXPOSURE. CONNECTION to other Group members. AUTHORITY. Start your own and be a Leader. INCREASE YOUR REACH. Groups extend your reach into Facebook. MULTIPLIED PROSPECTS. There are more people in a group than on a profile page.

Duh. Build a list in your own group and then you can become an admin and email messages to them. Make them messages of VALUE and interest, and at the time , something that will let them know of your business on Facebook.

8) The Law of Facebook Events.

Attend events. Attend more Events. And then attend many MORE events. Why? It allows you to leave a message on the events page wall, and create exposure. I attend at least 2 Facebook events every week to learn and to network. Events can be found on the new Facebook page in the upper right under “Upcoming” – these are the events that are upcoming. There is one unique twist: You have birthdays under the “upcoming” tag- and you can send presents to folks. THIS will get their attention as it shows up on their wall and the news feed as well. Attend as many events as you can. make them worth your while- learn and grow from them. BUT always leave a RSVP message about attending or not – with an encouraging message. This will show your professionalism, and caring.

Event UP! This will do you well on Facebook. Put the term “events” in the search box, and it will find every event that is going on in your network of friends. It is a GOLD MINE of new possibilities of business. Become a master of events! Soon it is your business on Facebook that will have events.

9) The Law of Facebook Multimedia – Videos and Photos.

People LOVE photos and videos. They are the most looked at and watched pages on Facebook. Make some videos about your business on Facebook and upload them. Upload some photographs. Not only will the be seen on your wall and the Facebook news feed, but also will allow you to “tag” others on these. This means that you can pick out people you have befriended and let them know you are thinking of them. And when you tag someone – it shows up on THEIR wall. Now isn’t THAT cool? It is called EXPOSURE!

10) The Law of the Facebook NEWS FEED.

This is the big kahuna of Exposure on Facebook. This gets you out to ALL of your friends and creates a massive exposure vehicle that can keep your brand in front and recognized. You also will be many times on the “featured” part of the new news feed on the right. This gives you HUGE exposure. Whatever you do, like change your status, upload a video, write and publish a note, or just comment on another person’s message on the Facebook news feed – it SHOWS UP in the news Feed. Be seen – and be seen often if you are trying to put your business on Facebook.

Yes, you need to establish relationships, and build community. But if you are going to MARKET your business on Facebook then you need to at least get a guideline of what and how to do it. The 10 Social Media Laws of Facebook hopefully gave you some idea in your social media marketing.

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