Five Business Travel Tips That I Learned the Hard Way

These business travel tips will help making flying a breeze.

Business Travel TipsI remember how excited I was the first time I got to travel for business.  I was thrilled that my employer was willing to pay for a plane ticket and hotel while I got to experience a brand new city.  It was exhilarating.    As time went on and I travelled more and more, the excitement was eventually replaced with dread.  Spending nights away from your family eventually takes its toll on the weary business traveler.  Regardless of your personal feelings towards business travel, the reality is that it is still a necessity for many business people.  Webinars and Skype simply cannot replace the connection that you can make with co-workers or clients when you are face to face.  While travelling around the world I have picked up a few tips on how you can make your next business trip just a little more pleasant.  Here are my top five business travel tips:

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