Wage a Successful Email Marketing Campaign War

Wage a Successful Email Marketing Campaign WarUse Email Marketing To Your Benefit

Unsolicited email, much like unsolicited calls have a far lower rate of success than permission based emails. Targeting permission based customers can result in higher return on investment and can help business owners build, grow and retain a lucrative customer base.

Email marketing, when used effectively can actually strengthen relationships with the customer and build loyalty. However, permission based email is becoming an increasingly popular market and as in-boxes are filled with an influx of email it is still essential to get your email noticed in the crowd. [Read more…]

Why Business Is Like A Massive Game Of Monopoly

Why Business is Like a Game of MonopolyI’ve been running a business for the past 3 years. We do a bunch of stuff in my business, from things as diverse as delivering digital risk analysis and strategic planning, right through to helping people build a new bathroom. We work with some of Australia’s most well-known brands on their digital strategies, and on the other side of the coin we’ve been involved with more than 200 bathroom renovation projects in the last 3 months.

Yeah yeah, OK, maybe you’re asking what’s the point? Well the point is that I’m swimming around chest deep in this business stuff, so I guess I’ve become reasonably familiar with how it works. I also love it. I love waking up in the morning and knowing that I have a day full of challenges ahead of me. A day full of challenges that I can choose to tackle in any way I desire. I’ve always marvelled at the amount of enjoyment I get out of business, and on many occasions I’ve remarked to friends that I think running a business is like a massive game of monopoly. I’m not talking about moving little figurines around a square board obviously, but rather something a little more layered. Here’s a few of the ways that I can paint the similarity.

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What Small Business Owners Can Learn from Shark Tank

What You Can Learn from Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a show on ABC where real life entrepreneurs and small business owners get to pitch their ideas to a panel of wealthy “sharks” and try to get them to invest. Just the exposure of the show alone is enough to make every small business owner want to get a shot with the sharks. Not all small business owners are that lucky, though, so they’ll have to settle for just taking away some of the show’s most important lessons.

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6 Painless Tips on Starting and Keeping a Small Business Blog

Starting a small business blog is an essential strategy for developing new customers.

Starting Small Business BlogIf you’re a small business owner or you work for a small business, you likely know how important it is to make your presence online be known. You don’t want to be the very last page that comes up in search results when someone searches for the good or services that your business sells or provides.

One of the best ways to make a statement with your small business’ website is to create a blog with a link to it on your homepage. The problem is, most small business owners don’t know the first thing about writing for blogs and probably will struggle to keep one up.

Well, small business gurus, here is my advice to you.

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8 Super Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips for Business

Want a powerful business? Implement these super social media marketing tips!

Social Media Marketing Tips

Marketing and Advertisement are the two major key factors which ensure success of any business concern, big or small. Where large businesses have enough floating capital to invest with, small businesses with their limited resources, do not have much options. Like a sign of relief, and an oasis in a desert, the launch and introduction of the social media networking chain has imparted enough opportunities to these business units, with limited scale of operation, to increase their revenue earning capacity, and thereby incur profits and success in their line of dealings. Let us see how-

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Five Smart Business Tips You Can Learn from Of Mice and Men

You can discover powerful business tips in the unlikeliest places!

Successful Business Tips

Initially I wondered what in the world this book, written in and about scenarios during this country’s greatest economic crisis could offer in the way of business tips. However, comparing it to our nation’s dilemmas today, it appears to offer several reminders, at least five. Reflecting on an overview of the story set in California in the late 1930s, we find a country of haves and have-nots. Migrant workers, or drifters, like the two main characters, were prevalent; few of them had many skills or resources, but all had hopes and dreams. Practically speaking, the most they had was the clothes on their back and, if they were as fortunate as George and Lennie, had each other. These were desperate times; people were trying anything to make a living.

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The ABC’s of Sales

The ABC's of Sales from Glengarry Glen RossIt takes a number of ingredients to reach the top levels of sales success. You need to understand the product and get behind its benefits and purpose. Understanding the customer and how to relate to each individual will also help you grow your sales success. Developing a plan to bring the product and customer together puts the final layer on your success building.

The ability to sell comes naturally to everyone. If you have ever convinced a teacher to give you a different grade, gotten a date or talked some friends into doing what you want on a Friday night then you have sold something successfully. Getting to the top in the sales industry means translating that naturally ability into the products and customers that you encounter in your industry.

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10 Tax Tips for Small Business Success

Uncle Sam will shake you down if your not following these tax tips for your small business returns!

Tax Tips for Small Business

With all the talk about Wall Street vs. Main Street in our country’s economy, and the fact that so many small businesses are struggling to keep their doors (real or virtual) open, it’s more important than ever to take advantage of every possible tax break, credit, and deduction.

The following tax tips are geared towards small businesses set up as either a sole proprietorship, partnerships (mainly husband/wife or family business), and LLCs. The information is intended to help small business owners utilize every possible form of help on taxes as possible, realize a larger profit, and to help them achieve their goals toward being living proof of the economic principles this country was built on.

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5 Tips For Successful Communication In a Conference Call

Conference calls are an effective way of holding business meeting without the hassle and costs of travelling to meetings. However, because a conference call is not face-to-face they need to be carried out effectively in order to get the best results.

Conference Room

Because the people on the call can’t see you it can be tempting not to take them as seriously as in a face-to-face meeting. However, a conference call is just as important as a meeting tool so there are a number of measures businesses can take to make sure they work well. Here are my top five tips:

1 – Location:

Try to hold the call in a quiet room, there is nothing worse then trying to hold a business meeting when there are noises in the background like machinery or noisy staff members. Instead hold the conference call in a quiet and private room and you are less likely to be distracted by the rest of the office and neither will the other people on the call.

If you can’t find a quiet location then use the phone’s mute button until you need to speak so that you are not distracting everyone on the call.

2 – Prepare:

A conference call is a meeting and should be treated as one. Therefore, you should prepare and send round an agenda and stick to it as much as possible. That way the call will be organised and have a clear structure which will mean that you are more likely to get everything you need done. It is also vital to make notes during the call so you know what has been decided.

3 – Be Succinct:

When on a conference call it can be tempting to waffle on but if you are succinct you are more likely to come out of the call with the desired outcome. Stick to the point of the call and you won’t go far wrong. Also pay attention when on the call we all need to multi-task in our day-to- day lives but give the call the same attention you would as a face-to-face meeting.

4 – Introduce Yourself:

Don’t expect everyone to know what your voice sounds like – they won’t. In a face-to-face meeting it is simple to work out who is talking but on a conference call you won’t have that luxury. Therefore, you should always introduce yourself before you start speaking that way people will know it is you.

If you are leading the call it is also a good idea to get everybody to introduce themselves at the beginning as well, as that way everyone can get acquainted and know who they are talking to.

5 – Don’t Interrupt Others:

It may seem obvious but you would be amazed how many conference calls end up with people talking over each other. You wouldn’t interrupt people in a face-to-face meeting so don’t do it on a conference call. Of course on a call it is harder to know when people have finished speaking as you don’t have the same visual cues you would if the person was in front of you. Therefore, you have to listen out for when they have stopped speaking. If you really must interrupt someone, and I don’t recommend it, at least do so politely and only if strictly necessary.

Of course if you treat a conference call like a formal business meeting then you won’t go far wrong and you may just save the company an expensive travel bill.

Have you ever been on a call with someone who doesn’t follow these tips? Leave your comments below..

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How to NOT Network – 5 Tips for Making Yourself Invisible

Recently I went to two different conventions, one for fun and personal interests and the other for work.  Conventions are great places to network because it is a bunch of like-minded people getting together to talk about something that they’re passionate about. You don’t have to seek them out, they’ve gathered together for you.Networking

There are many places like this online. Forums, fan pages on Facebook, and lists on Twitter are just a few of the many places that like interest people gather together, not to mention the hundreds of blogs on any niche topic you can come up with. The trick is to utilize these gatherings of people and network to not only get your product out there, but also to meet new people and build trust.

Unfortunately at the two conventions I went to I mostly failed at the whole networking thing, especially at the second convention (granted the second day I was sick, but still). I only gave out my business card to one (count them, 1) person total, and that was because I told myself I couldn’t leave until I did (I left right after). I was able to say hi to some of the panelists, but it wasn’t anything that would make them remember me out of the hundreds of other people that were there trying to network too. On the whole the one good experience was definitely a foil for my many other failures. And from those, here is what I’ve learned about how to NOT network:

  1. Don’t talk – Lack of communication is the number one way to NOT make friends and influence people. It’s also a great way to cause misunderstandings and frustration.
  2. Blend in – If they can’t see you they won’t know that you’re there. Online they call this lurking—you observe but never contribute.
  3. Be sick – Well I guess that’s not really a requirement, but being grumpy, miserable and lethargic is indeed a turn off and a great way to have people avoid you.
  4. Don’t have a purpose – At the first convention I knew more the type of person that I was interested in networking with. At the second I didn’t. So I ended up just swiping swag off their tables. Online you can really get distracted by all the “voices” calling out to you that you have to be very clear on the types of people you want to network with or you will end up going around in circles where you just waste your time.
  5. Don’t follow up – The one person that I handed my business card to emailed me the next day to make sure that the I’d remember him and to reinforce the relationship we had started. He’s definitely better at networking than me.

Moral of the story: Don’t do what I did at the conventions. Go talk to people, both on- and offline. Be memorable. Be interested in other people and they will most likely be interested in you. Be a likable person so that people will WANT to be your friend. And don’t be afraid to talk to strangers–they may be just the person you’re looking for. Caroline Ceniza-Levine of SixFigureStart said, “Many people make introductions, get promoted, or jumpstart career transitions because of networking – having the courage to meet new people and having the discipline to maintain familiar contacts.” So stay in contact with old and new friends—you never know when you might hit a gold mine.

What are your How to Not Network tips? Leave your comments below.

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