The Golden Rules of Successful Business Networking

Successful Business Networking



Some people just have the habit of giving their business card to anyone they meet in a social gathering. This is not among the most prudent practices. The fact is that you should give your business card to someone only when you have a conversation with the person and that person will be interested to follow up.

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Designing a Business Card that Converts into Sales

Designing a Business Card that Converts into Sales

How would it feel to find the business cards that you worked so hard to generate in the trash due to poor first impressions or common business card pitfalls.  Make them stand out!  Whether with elegance, classic distinction or creative originality, your business cards speak volumes about you and your business and are one of the most important marketing tools you could ever have.  They say that someone gives off their first impressions within the first 20 seconds of an introduction or meeting.  Consider the same for business cards, except subtract it by 19 seconds.  Within once second, the five senses of your contact will know whether that business card is worthy enough to put inside their wallet or whether to put it in the trash.

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