How to Create an Explosive Brand Image that Will Grow With Your Business

What does your brand image say about your business?

How to Create an Explosive Brand Image that Will Grow With Your Business

In today’s crowded business environment it’s no longer enough to market your business, you need to be actively “branding” as well. The question is, what is branding, and why is it so important?

Creating a brand for your business is a long, focused process and it doesn’t stop when your brand is recognizable. In fact, the best brands with the most longevity are constantly changing and evolving to suit the needs of the market. Building a brand image that will grow with your business is challenging, to say the least, but it can be done with a little creativity and a lot of pre-planning.

Below are several absolutely crucial steps in creating a brand that will last the life of your company, and maybe even longer (if you do it right!)

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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012 to Learn About Marketing Your Business

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2012 to Learn About MarketingWant to learn about the top business & marketing strategies of 2012?

This weeks blog post and also the last one for the year will help you learn about various business strategies like Backlinking, Blogging, Branding, Email Marketing, Networking, Leadership and Social Media.

It’s a lot to take in in one visit, so make sure you bookmark this page, it will definitely come in handy as you start 2013.

Here we go, here are the 10 Blog Posts of 2012 to learn about business and marketing.

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Fixing Your Brand After a PR Disaster


How important is it to fix your brand after a PR disaster?

Fixing Your Brand After a Brand DisasterBuilding a brand is difficult, but fixing a brand after a PR disaster can be even harder. If your brand is thought of as being cheap, poor quality, or irresponsible, persuading people to give you a second chance can take a lot of work.  This is especially true now that social media makes it easy for one customer’s grievance (legitimate or not) to spread to hundreds, or thousands, of their online friends within minutes. [Read more…]

Building Trust: The Difference Between Your Business Success or Failure

Building trust is vital for business in both the online and offline world.

Building Trust Success Failure

It is a primary element for success. Establishing trust is especially important for online businesses. However, accomplishing this goal is not easy.

Currently, it is a snap to go online, create a website for little to nothing, and attempt to sell any sort of merchandise or service you would like. However, to be profitable and achieve success is something else completely. For that, it is necessary to gain people’s trust.

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How To Represent Your Brand To Clients & Strengthen Relationships

You can close more deals if your represent your brand the right way!

Represent Your Brand

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, you’re always going to have to make sure that you (and your employees) represent your company and your brand well to new and prospective clients.

What follows are a few things that you should take into consideration when telling your brand story, whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or someone who just got an entry-level job at a new company.

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How to Give Your Business a Facelift

How to Give Your Business a FaceliftThere are times in a company’s lifeline where an overhaul of its look and image is needed. Whether it is to keep up with the times, try a new direction, or re-establish its current purpose, change may be a good thing. Before you decide if your company could use a change for the better, here are a few things to look at.

What to consider before changing the look of your company: 

The main function of a business is to make profits. Once you discover that your company is incurring losses, it is high time that you look for strategic plans to improve the organizational and structural set up of your company. There are a number of ways you can do this.

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Top Three Tips Mr Bean Can Teach You about Marketing

Mr BeanIf you think Mr Bean ran from 1990-1995, like many sitcoms, lasted for a substantial amount of years. But where many sitcoms stopped their and weren’t ever to be heard of again, for example why has Mr Bean become more renowned than “Drop the Dead Donkey” which lasted three years longer than the Mr Bean series, but still disappeared from our televisions never to be heard of since. So what charm did Mr Bean bring to the table that others didn’t?

You see when analyzing such things, people will think, what does Mr Bean have to do with marketing? The answer is everything; he answers questions on brand awareness, brand development, promotional merchandise, longevity and how to keep a 20 year old brand contemporary.

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How To Build a Brand as Big as Apple – David Brier Interview – Episode #1

If you model yourself after Apple’s business, even you could build a brand like them. The only question that remains is, how do you build a brand?

Enter David Brier, Branding Guru.

About Our Guest, David Brier:
Build a brandBuild a brandDavid is a highly sought-after branding expert working with small to medium sized businesses and cities on tourism branding.

For over 3 decades, David has created brands for some of the most recognized companies in the world including New York City Ballet, Revlon, Charlie Perfume, Estee Lauder, the New York Times Magazine and Rolling Stone magazine, to name a few.

Build a brand

– He is the author of Defying Gravity and Rising Above The Noise and the popular eBook, The Lucky Brand.

– David is also a very popular Fast Company Expert Blogger and has a series of extremely popular Slideshare presentations including What’s Killing Your Brand and Brand Leaders & Sex: The Untold Story. For more information on how to build a brand, check out an online international business degree to find classes that can teach you how David was able to successfully strengthen the brands of some of the many multinational companies he handles. 

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