7 Things You Need to Do When You Promote Affiliate Products with Squidoo

Promote Affiliate ProductsSquidoo is a free platform where you can write about anything that you enjoy writing about. You can use Squidoo to promote affiliate products as well. But, it is a little tricky because there are many advertisements in Squidoo that will distract your readers from your main offer.

To successfully promote affiliate products on Squidoo, here are 7 things you need to do.

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How to Write a Press Release

Write Press ReleaseBefore Writing a Press Release

Have a purpose in mind: A press release isn’t a catch-all solution to every problem. If you are going to interrupt a journalist’s time to pitch a story, make sure that what you have to tell him or her is worth their time. Plan out what you plan to accomplish with the press release a while before you start working on it. If the press release won’t help you accomplish the goals and objectives of the your company, then writing it serves you no purpose.

Sometimes your purpose will be for search engine optimization purposes. Even if no newspapers run your story, by posting it on your organization’s online newsroom, you could do a lot to increase your visibility on search engines. People Googling your company may be able to find your press release.

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Link Building Tips for Bloggers

Thousands of people have personal blogs. Unfortunately, many bloggers don’t have the necessary expertise in link building, social media marketing, and search engine optimization to promote their blogs on the World Wide Web. This post is targeted to individuals who run their own personal blogs by themselves as a hobby or semi-professionally. The tips below will enable you to unleash the potential of your pages!Link Building

Generic Directory Submissions May Be a Waste of Money

While directory submissions are beneficial for e-commerce websites, this may not be the way to go for personal bloggers. It is better to save your money and invest it in other things. Directory submissions are often overused, and as Google has become significantly more complex, they provide limited value. If you spend the same time, effort, and resources in other activities, the benefits can be tenfold.

Submit Your Site to Niche Blog Listings

Personal bloggers will benefit more from submitting their sites to niche listings. For example, if you write about gardening, then look for directories that compile gardening ecommerce sites, blogs, and other related websites. Similarly, if you are writing about lifestyle in your area, submit your blog to local directories to improve your web presence.

Answer Questions in Q&A Websites

Q&A websites are gaining in popularity and search engine rankings. Participate positively on these sites and include your link in the suggestion. The traffic you will receive from viewers can help you earn links and referrals. Q&A sites that immediately come to mind include Yahoo! Answers but there are newer platforms that can similarly generate a lot of traffic for you.

Submit Selected Pieces to Social Portals

If you have a brilliant piece that can potentially become “viral”, make sure to submit it to social portals. Some examples of good social portals include Hacker News (community on startups, entrepreneurship, and technology), Care2 News (non-profit & environmental issues), and Kirtsy among others (focused on arts, style, and fashion). Take note that your article will be carefully reviewed before it is published. But once you get in, the advantages are huge.

Use Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon)

Make it a point to submit all new blog posts for voting. Unlike social portals, there are limited barriers to entry when submitting your posts to social media sites. In fact, your followers might be disappointed if they don’t see a stream of updated content in these channels. One online wedding ring resaler does a particularly good job of using social media and has benefited tremendously from it’s use.

Submit Guest Posts Strategically

Guest posting is growing in popularity for a lot of very good reasons. Basically, it entails writing content for another blog site to earn recognition, readers, and referring link. The strategy creates value for both parties so it is a valued technique that you should consider. In the last few years, however, there has been a lot of low-quality work that have been passed over as guest postings. This abuse can damage reader trust (both for publisher and you). So be sure that if you decide to submit guest postings, the work is of high-quality and will provide value to the readers.

What are your link building strategies? Leave a comment below…

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4 Tips for Using Content to Drive Long-Tail Traffic to Your E-commerce Store

If you want to drive traffic to your e-commerce store, you have to be visible on the search engines.  And if you want to be visible on the search engines, you have to focus on quality content.  Publishing useful, informative, properly optimized content is the best way to show the search engines that you’re an authority – and that you need to be front and center in their search results.Long Tail Keywords

OK, so that makes sense.

But, how exactly do you do it?

Follow these 4 tips:

1. Make your product descriptions different

Let’s face it – most of the content on e-commerce store websites comes in the form of product descriptions.  Make sure yours aren’t just copied and pasted right from the manufacturer.  After all, those same descriptions can wind up on hundreds of different e-commerce websites!  You don’t want your website to wind up in the supplemental index because it’s chock full of carbon-copy content.

Instead, use your manufacturers’ product descriptions as a guide, and rewrite them.  That way, you can include all the information your customers need – without having the same exact thing as everyone else.

If you have an integrated CMS, easy with products like VirtueMart which is an ecommerce add on to the Joomla CMS, then you can easily add lots of extra content about how to use products, guides, etc.

2.  Add more content

The search engines like it when pages have at least 300-500 words on them – as long as it’s informative content.  If the product descriptions you have seem a little thin, add to them.  After all, you should know enough about your products to go into more detail about them!

And, your customers will like the extra content, too.  After all, a product description that’s only a few sentences long doesn’t really give them an accurate picture of what the product is all about.  If you want people to hit the buy button, you need to let them know exactly what they can expect when your product arrives.

3.  Start a blog

The search engines love blogs, because it means that sites are routinely being updated with fresh content.  And, the more the search engines love your site, the higher you are going to rank – which means the more people that are going to visit your site.

Plus, a blog is a great way to let people know more about your brand.  And, if people know that it’s going to be updated on a regular basis, it can turn into a go-to source for information – and even give you repeat business!

4.  Incorporate your on-site content into your off-site marketing strategy

Promote your content, so that the entire world can see it!  Start up a Facebook page or a Twitter page that shows off your latest additions.  That way, your content will pop up right in people’s newsfeeds.

Are you creating quality content for your website? Leave a comment below..

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5 Tips On How to Write a Great Blog

You are sitting there with a blank word screen in front of you fingers at the ready but nothing comes to your head. You sit back with writer’s block wondering how you’re going to start your blog. If you are new to this then these tips will help you get started.Article Writing

1 – How Do You Decide What to Write About?

This is the million dollar question and is on every bloggers mind. I am of the opinion you should blog about subjects you are passionate and knowledgeable about because it means you will never run out of topic material and won’t get bored. You also need to ask yourself whether are you in it to make money or do you just want to do it as a hobby. This will determine whether you are prepared to work on other aspects behind the scenes of your blog, such as building a list and developing products and services.

2 – Make Sure You Always Stay on Topic

Don’t go off in 1000 different directions when writing a blog because your readers will get confused and leave. A blogtends to work better when it is based around one particular topic. Of course, the occasional post can be “off topic” but generally speaking, unless you want to write the next ‘wiki’, keep it simple and to the point. If you are in a niche it is acceptable to blog about, review or offer other products as long as they are relevant. For example if you are in health and fitness, blogging about widescreen TVs is unlikely to earn you any affiliate commissions.

3 – Be Informative and Interesting

As a golden rule make sure what you have on your blog is interesting and gives something to the readers. If there is good content then they will come back again and again to read your latest posts. They may also recommend your blog to their friends and share your content through Facebook and Twitter. Do not write long, boring, in-depth essays, keep the content light and break up in-depth information into bite-sized chunks, such as lists or multi-part posts. This will make the content on your blog a much easier read and as long as your visitors are getting something out of it they will be a regular.

4 – Make Sure Your Information is Current

While some subject material you blog about will remain evergreen, it is likely you will need to ensure a lot of what you post is current. This means you must research the information you use and be selective when recycling old articles as you may need to reference some new content to keep it relevant. For example, if you are talking about internet marketing techniques and you research an article that was written five years ago, it is likely you will need to add new information to some of the core principles discussed before publishing.

5 – Make Sure You Post Regularly

Trying to post new content at regular intervals is important to maintaining repeats visitors. Your readers will come to expect new content and if you do not deliver, they will lose interest in you and find other blogs to read.

Take these tips and implement them into your own blogging strategy and you will be able to grow a genuine authority blog in your chosen niche.

Do you need help getting your blog started? Leave your questions below…

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How To Get Free Mass Traffic To Your Website

Free Mass Traffic to your website is within your reach!

Free Mass Traffic

Here are 4 proven ways to get highly targeted traffic to your website for FREE!

Keep in mind that the term “free” is relative. Nothing is “free” in life. There is always a cost.

In the case of “free mass traffic” it is generally time and energy.

Here are the top 4 free ways to improve website traffic.

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Article Marketing Promotion For the Online Business

Article marketing is uniquely suited to promoting an online business.

Article Marketing Online Business

Traditional article marketing involves writing short articles and posting them to online article directories with a small resource box pointing back to your website at the end. So, if someone is already online looking for products or services like yours, chances are they will to find your article and therefore, find your business.

Now here’s the trick to making this work.

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