After the Deadline Plugin – Grammar & Spell Checking made Eazy

After The DeadlineIf you do a lot of typing on the web, from sending emails to blogging to posting comments or status updates, even the best writer is bound to make some mistakes. If you’re the kind of person who wants to make sure everything you type has correct spelling and grammar, you probably waste a lot of time rereading what you’ve written to check for errors. If you had someone to do it for you, it’d probably make things a lot easier, right? Especially if you’re not the best at spelling and grammar to begin with, everyone can benefit from an extra set of eyes on their work.

After the Deadline is a spelling, grammar and style checker that works in your browser and acts as a very competent safety net to protect you from common and careless errors. It will proofread for you nearly everywhere you write anything on the web, from blogs to chat forums to email. After the Deadline developers have worked very hard to make it one of the most accurate proofreaders out there, and most users agree that it’s extremely helpful. Users of the Mozilla Firefox browser overwhelmingly rated it four out of five stars in their reviews, and they claim it’s one of the top add-ons to Firefox.

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