14 Instagram Hacks For Building A Strong Instagram Profile For A Massive Following



Do you want to be on Instagram?

Are you looking for Instagram Hacks that can grow your following?

There are plenty of reasons to have a presence on Instagram and one among them is that it is the best place to connect and engage with individuals without writing a massive blog post. Currently, there are millions of people on Instagram, and it has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms.

Instagram is welcoming and warm and is one of the best places to connect and communicate with your audience.

Who does well on Instagram?

It is the perfect place for photographers, celebrities, visual storytellers, innovative brands, individuals with unique and consistent styles, and the list goes on. You have various strategies at your disposal to do well with these Instagram hacks. Also, there is room for everyone to narrate their unique stories.

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Easy Steps to Use Twitter to get Customer Feedback

Easy Steps to Use Twitter to get Customer Feedback

As wonderful and revolutionary as twitter has been for businesses, the micro blogging site has one serious drawback- one cannot use it to get feedback from customers as easily as one could use it to make announcements to them. that being said, Twitter is one of the most widely used social media networks in the world and not using it could mean losing out on staying in touch with key demographics. Since you cannot go on and reinvent twitter to suit your own business, an easier course of action might be to think out of the box and try to be innovative to ensure that your customers don’t feel neglected by you. here are a few easy steps that can help you use Twitter to get customer feedback. [Read more…]

Seizing the Potential of Online Polls And Surveys

Seizing the Potential of Online Polls and SurveysHow can online polls and surveys help grow your business?

With so much business conducted online these days, the sphere of internet marketing has become a huge field of endeavor in itself. The internet has given enterprises an unprecedented opportunity to not only build up a detailed picture of its target market – and even individual customers – but also to build interactive relationships with these customers and much more. To this end, there are many tools available, such as social media and email marketing, but when it comes to carrying out wide-ranging and effective customer research, there are few tools more powerful than online surveys.

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Awesome Blog Posts Vol. 3 | Amy Porterfield, List Building & Facebook Marketing

Awesome Blog Posts Vol. 3 | Amy Porterfield, List Building & Facebook MarketingWant to know the secret to making list building easier?

The easy answer is to read through and apply the list building strategies outlined in this awesome blog post.

Of course it never seams to be quite that easy, right?

Continue reading and I’ll share with you some essential strategies that you can use immediately to start seeing an increase in your subscriber base.

Why should you focus on list building?

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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012 to Learn About Marketing Your Business

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2012 to Learn About MarketingWant to learn about the top business & marketing strategies of 2012?

This weeks blog post and also the last one for the year will help you learn about various business strategies like Backlinking, Blogging, Branding, Email Marketing, Networking, Leadership and Social Media.

It’s a lot to take in in one visit, so make sure you bookmark this page, it will definitely come in handy as you start 2013.

Here we go, here are the 10 Blog Posts of 2012 to learn about business and marketing.

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How to Improve Your Business Through Blogging

Improve Business BloggingToday, businesses are learning new ways to enhance their blogs to get better results by attracting more and more customers. As per a study, those businesses who have blogs get 55 percent more traffic as compared to the ones without the blogs. However, businesses who have blogs, which fail to think outside the box. They are simply seen flooding their blogs with dry updates and happenings of their businesses. This is among the most common mistakes, which businesses today are seen committing. Hence, there is a scope for improving and enhancing your blogging efforts, which could help to improve your business. The following are some of the ways, in which you can improve your business through blogging.

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5 Proven Strategies on How to Budget for Marketing

Want more leads, more customers and more revenue?

5 Proven Strategies on How to Budget for MarketingWhatever it is, the budget you put in place for your marketing for the year ahead will shape the results you achieve. Now is the ideal time to define your marketing approach and the budget that will support it. In a recent Toluna survey of businesses, 40% of businesses surveyed stated that they did not feel that their marketing budget met all their marketing needs.

In tougher times, the marketing budget is often the first thing that is cut. Yet it is commonly known that companies which consistently market themselves in a recession perform better than those that don’t. So:

  • How can companies budget better to create the results they want?
  • What can companies do to budget effectively for the year ahead?

6 Biggest Small Business Social Media Time Wasters

Social Media Time WastersSocial media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer a wealth of opportunities to businesses that are willing to take advantage of them. Yet, they also present a significant danger; if your social media strategy isn’t well-defined and efficient, you can spin your wheels trying to make headway in the social media space.

Accordingly, there are some specific types of activities that offer very little return on a huge time investment in social media. Here are some of the biggest social media time wasters you’re likely to encounter: [Read more…]

Photo Sharing On Facebook: Doing It the Right Way

Photo Sharing FacebookI guess nobody who has been on cyber space is hearing about Facebook for the first time, at least not with nearly a billion users. As a social networking site, Facebook has a photo sharing feature that has come of value for personal interrelation among families and friends to share joyful moments and interesting events. While serving as a platform for social interaction, it holds several opportunities for businesses that are now leveraging its social media marketing tool to promote their products and services. If you plan to exploit the benefits of the social media’s photo sharing tools, here are some tips that are of value.

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30 Inspiring Marketing Quotes from the Top Branding Experts

30 Inspiring Marketing Quotes from Top Blog GurusWith inbound marketing quickly gaining recognition as the most innovative and cost effective form of marketing for business, plenty of people have something to say on the subject. So we’ve carefully selected the best 30 quotes from the world’s greatest branding experts, marketing thinkers and creatives to save you time.

Here’s what the top branding gurus have to say on the subject:

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