How to Deal With Negativity in the Blogosphere

How To Deal With NegativityThe speed at which information travels on the web is such that powerful players can be made and unmade in the blink of an eye. Savvy blogging tactics and clever social media maneuvers can help boost the reputation of an upcoming business just as easily as it can ruin an established one. Such is the dangerous world of perpetual online commentary. I’d like to take some time to walk you through the process of dealing with negative feedback you might encounter in the blogosphere, whether it’s through a nasty comment on your blog or a toxic tweet aimed at your business’s services.

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5 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Warren Buffett

Business Lessons From Warren BuffettWarren Buffet, who heads Berkshire Hathaway Inc, a holding company that is currently ranked the third most admirable company in the world, is one of the richest men in the world.

There are innumerable business lessons one can learn from his career as an investor, but five lessons that define his success are his beliefs in being strategic, staying humble, choosing potential, following a personal passion, and staying calm.

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7 Business Tax Deductions You Don’t Know About

7 Business Tax Deductions You Don't Know AboutThese days, more professionals are shifting from the role of full-time employee to freelancer, a movement that some refer to as a gig economy. If you have freelance income to report by U.S. tax day (Apr. 17), your taxes will be more involved than your colleagues’, who only have W-2 forms.

Whether this is your first year self-employed, or you’re an experienced entrepreneur, freelancing comes with a whole new set of tax issues. But you can still find plenty of opportunities to cut your tax bill.

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How To Fund a Successful Business With Your Credit Card

If you’re contemplating using credit cards to fund a business, then these points will help you make the right decision.

Fund a Business With Your Credit Card

Credit cards can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. It’s been rumored that Sergey Brin and Larry Page used credit cards to launch Google in the mid-nineties, buying used computers and other equipment. Obviously, that decision paid off big time for them! But on the flip side, for every success, there are tons of disasters people experience by getting in over their heads with credit card debt to fund a business.

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How to Put the Best Customer Testimonials in Your Sales Letter

Awesome Customer TestimonialsMost scam artists use fake testimonials in order to trap their potential customers into buying their product. However, their method usually didn’t work. People can spot fake testimonials easily. If you want to attract more buyers for your product, you have to put real testimonials from your customers. In this way, you are doing business in an ethical manner. Here are some tips to put the best customer testimonials in your sales letter:

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Top 5 Start-Up Rules to Success in Your Own Business

The first question business consultants are asked is “what advice would you give to a new business just starting out?”. There are so many but my top five fall into the following categories:

Start Your Own Business1. Love What You Do, or Do What You Love

If you are a vegetarian, don’t start a butcher shop. If you find it difficult to sell, don’t start a business where you have to, at the very least sell yourself to clients or sell a product. Just because there seems to be money made in a venture, if you are not passionate in some way about the business you will fail. You don’t have to be in love with a product to sell it, just love what it can do for others.

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Online Tools for Corporate Event Planning

Event planning must be done correctly from beginning to end in order to avoid any last minute problems that might emerge as a result of a lack of organization.

Corporate Event Planning

In fact, all  companies have specific planning strategies as well as goals that they implement to  meet certain objectives, and this is no different with planning a corporate event. In this  article we will discuss how you can plan your corporate events using social media  platforms and tools that will help you not only manage your events, but market them  for greater exposure.

Planning corporate events is an important facet of every company. Meetings are  incredibly important to every corporation as they offer a medium for team members and  managers to discuss company successes and areas that need strategic planning in order  to ensure success throughout the year. Corporate events such as sales meetings, new  product launches and press events, offer a company a wide range of benefits such as  getting unique and beneficial input from team members, managers or even clients that  are present. The challenge for many corporations during the event planning process is  both accurately planning, scheduling as well as marketing these events either internally  or externally to ensure their success.

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7 Important Tips to Overcome Business Start-Up Fears

Overcome Business Start-Up FearsIf you want to start your own business but can’t quite overcome your fears, there are steps you can take to make sure you stay financially stable and sane during your transition. Here are some pointers for launching your business while keeping your stress levels at a minimum.

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10 Ways to Wow Your Customers

Words to live by: If you don’t wow your customers, someone else will.

Wow Your CustomersMost businesses do not realize it is pretty easy to make your customers happy. Simple things can go a long way, but even when you have upset them, you should know you still have the ability to set things right, win back their confidence and make them happy again – I’ve seen it happen many times. So keep that in mind when sifting through this list of ways to wow your customers.

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Increasing Your Bottom Line Through Internet Strategies

Increasing Bottom Line through Internet Strategies



A company without a website depends on people residing in the same community to earn a profit. Your business can reach a significantly larger customer base, increasing your bottom line through internet strategies.

Overhead is less, since the company can ship directly from the factory or warehouse rather than going through the retail store. If your company is a supplier that sells business-to-business, you will reach a global audience with a website.

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