5 Ways Marketers Trick You Into Buying Things You Don’t Need

How Marketers Trick You Into Buying Things Marketing is everywhere you look, almost literally. Regardless of whether you pay attention to it or not, in order to function in society you have to buy things, and chances are when you decide to do so you’ll encounter a professional marketer. Not all marketers are bad people – quite the contrary – but you have to know how to identify the legitimate, honest ones from the bad apples. Here are a few signs to look out for that might indicate you’re getting scammed into buying something you don’t actually need.

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How To Host a Killer Webinar

Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when hosting a good webinar.

Hosting a Webinar

When your invited to a webinar and actually see a presentation for the first time, you’ll realize that they are very easy to organize. Especially if you find out that they are powered by a commercial software program. However, it is a bit more complicated and you will not be able to produce an interesting webinar if you work on it by yourself. For instance, there should be an individual that is focused on presenting the webinar so someone else can focus on the hosting concerns. If you are willing to help host a webinar, your main goal is to focus on providing the best environment for your audience and the people that are in charge of the presentation.

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7 Pinterest Clones To Expand Your Social Media Empire

The Social Media Wars are upon us, beware of the Pinterest Clones!!

Attack of the Pinterest ClonesSo with Pinterest’s wild success in social media during the last half of 2011 and continuing through this year 2012, you knew some “Pinterest Clones” were going to have to find there way into the social media market. And without fail they have. 7 of them (at the time of this writing) have gained some popularity and actually have decent sized user bases.

Let’s take a look at each of the Pinterest Clones and see what they have to offer.

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5 Simple Steps to Convert Visitors to Customers (and Keep Them Coming Back!)

Convert Visitors To CustomersThere are two main reasons why your website is failing. The first is a lack of visitors; the second is failing to convert these visitors into customers. If your hit count is good but you’re still struggling to secure that all important sale, it can be down to a limp landing page.

There are a number of reasons why you’re landing page isn’t quite up to scratch.

Here are five simple steps to convert those visitors into customers…and keep them coming back.

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15 Point Check List for Your Online Business Website Launch

Launching a successful online business website made easy!

Online Business Website LaunchOnce I was talking to my friend who was planning to launch an online store. He was so full of energy when he talked about the launch of his store in a week’s time. I gave him all the advice I could and I believe he followed them religiously.

After 1 week I paid him a visit to see how his launch went. He explained to me how he did everything he could but his website was unavailable most of the time. The reason was his webhost shut him down for consuming too much resource. He also made some other mistakes which I had to point out and it finally cost him twice as much if he had implemented them at the start.

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7 Tips to Get More Readers to Click through Your Affiliate Link

Click through Your Affiliate LinkDo you want more readers to click through your affiliate link? You know, you have to start thinking about increasing your CTR (Click-Through Rate) because the more CTR you have, the more conversion you can possibly get. The more conversion, the more commission. It’s as simple as that.

Here are 7 tips to get more readers to click through your affiliate link:

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10 Websites Where You Can Sell Graphic Design Work

Learn how to sell your graphic design work effectively!

10 Websites Where You Can Sell Graphic Design WorkThe internet makes it easy for professionals to share and profit from their skills. Graphic designers working from home or who are looking to supplement their income can sell their designs on a number of different websites.

However, out of these websites, only a few have proven themselves superior.

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Affiliate Marketing 101 | Stop Selling To People What They Don’t Want

Affiliate Marketing 101 | Stop Selling To People What They Don’t WantAnd start providing them with what they need…

To be profitable in any online business venture, you should know that “selling” just about anything, in any way, is never a wise move. It is easy to “slap” an affiliate product anywhere and wait for something to happen. This method however usually does not work and one of the biggest reasons why affiliate marketers fail and quit early.

If you are really interested in being successful in affiliate marketing, you should bear in mind that a product or service you are offering must fulfill certain human needs.

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