Conversion Optimization – 5 Seriously Simple Steps

You can increase conversion through the optimization of your sales funnel.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

It goes without saying that all of us want the most from our investments. The point of putting our money into something is about getting returns! Now, winning your bid for a keyword on the Google paid services, only means that you will now be paying a cost-per-click with the hope to escalate your business. But the catch with CPC is that not everything turns into money. You have an investment, against which you expect to earn – and most certainly you do; but are you meeting the maximum profit margin?

To help attain that situation and affirmatively answer the above question, the best way would be to analyze and strategically use information like the AdWords Conversion Tracking Data and use other web analytics tools to understand consumer behavior. Conversion optimization is all about this and working around the maximum cost – per – action that you desire – so that you make manifold profits for the same bid. So here’s how we go about it: [Read more…]