Fixing Your Brand After a PR Disaster


How important is it to fix your brand after a PR disaster?

Fixing Your Brand After a Brand DisasterBuilding a brand is difficult, but fixing a brand after a PR disaster can be even harder. If your brand is thought of as being cheap, poor quality, or irresponsible, persuading people to give you a second chance can take a lot of work.  This is especially true now that social media makes it easy for one customer’s grievance (legitimate or not) to spread to hundreds, or thousands, of their online friends within minutes. [Read more…]

Five Items All Clothes Retailers Should Place At Point Of Sale

Five Items All Clothes Retailers Should Place At Point Of Sale Point of sale display units are one of the most lucrative display points any retailer can employ. Use of such units has been shown to boost impulse purchases by 400% and overall profits by 30%. However, the products displayed within the units are vital to the level of success the retailer can expect, and the amount of impulse purchases that are likely to be made. Below are five such items which are guaranteed to be lucrative sellers at point of sale. If your store doesn’t currently stock these items, I suggest you start now!

Here are the 5 Items all clothes retailers should place at their point of sale

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